The Reality of Mucous Membrane Disease: Lichen Planus 

Do you know that mucous membrane diseases are becoming more common daily? According to a survey, it is found that the majority of smokers are getting affected by mucous membrane diseases. A dental health expert living in North Central Phoenix stated that in recent times, the incidence of lichen planus and leukoplakia is rising day by day. 

Are you interested in getting to know about lichen planus in detail? If yes, then below, a detailed piece of information is given. In addition, if you are trying to find an expert who can give specialized treatment for mucous membrane diseases, many options, such as dentist in North Central Phoenix, are available. 

What is lichen planus? 

Lichen planus is an inflammatory disease and a chronic condition that can affect the individuals’ mucous membranes, hair follicles, and skin. It is known as oral lichen planus when it affects the oral membrane. It can be mild or moderate, depending on the severity of the condition. The most significant symptoms of the condition include the inflammation of the gums, painful sores, and a burning sensation in the mouth. 

Causes of oral lichen planus 

The exact cause of lichen planus is unknown. According to a survey, it is found that most of the patients have immune-related factors associated with the occurrence of this condition. 

Some of the causes are as follows: 

  • Stress 
  • Hepatitis C 
  • Genetics 
  • Allergic reactions 
  • Infection of the oral cavity 
  • Reactions to certain medications 


The clinical diagnosis of oral lichen planus includes a thorough review of an individual’s medical and oral history. The dental health expert can include any physical and oral examination in the regimen to diagnose the condition. Most lichen planus cases include patches on the skin, so a physical eczema is required in cases. 

If the dental experts and the patients do not take proper care, a case of oral lichen planus can be linked to oral cancer. Oral cancer, also known as squamous cell carcinoma, is dangerous. 


The treatment of oral lichen planus is extensive and includes several elements. A possible cure for this condition does not exist to date, but experts state that the condition can be resolved independently. The treatment to reduce symptoms and risk factors are as follows: 

  • Antihistamines 
  • Light therapy 
  • Aloe vera 
  • Immune response medications 
  • Corticosteroid therapy 

To sum it up!

If you know someone suffering from a clinical condition like lichen planus or you have this condition, contact a dental expert. There are many options in North Central Phoenix available that one can consider.