Got to know your Modular Kitchen Finish! Understand which one suits you the best.

Modular Kitchen is the regular thing in a modern house, especially in a metro city. This is the type of kitchen, which gives your house a trendy look and makes your life easy. Being compact in design and organized storage, it saves time and energy of the user to prepare a meal. Besides, with catchy designs and interiors, Modular Kitchen tells about your personality and lifestyle too. What designs and interiors you select for your kitchen matters a lot. So, dear friends, it’s very important to understand certain aspects of the interiors of a modular kitchen before restructuring your kitchen. Let’s see the finish of Modular Kitchen Bangalore and understand what best suits you.

  1. PU Finish: PU is a gloss finish materials used in modular kitchen. It is used in many luxurious projects as it’s highly glossy and gives a royal look. This is an exterior grade MDF board, painted over with PU. Interior designers highly recommend PU Finish for its royal touch.
  2. Acrylic Finish: Acrylic finish is again a glossy one. However, it’s durable, resists humid and UV rays. Its appearance is quite attractive. With a wider range of vibrant colors, availability Acrylic provides a good option.
  3. Laminate Finish: There are two options in laminate finish, glossy and matte. Glossy laminates have special shiny textures. One can consider it as an alternative to PU or Acrylic. However, the matte finish laminates don’t have that glossy finish but are common in Modular Kitchen finish. Both look good, are budget-friendly and have a wide range of color options. One can select one of them as per their taste and budget.
  4. Veneer Finish: Veneer Finish suits for a classic yet modern look. It goes well with minimalistic appearance is required for the kitchen. This gives a good number of choices of color selection but requires high maintenance due to a lack of resistance against humid and UV rays.
  5. Membrane Finish: These days, people are open to experimenting with their choices. Membranes are synthetic rolls that are pasted over the MDF board (the exterior grade one). These give the touch and feel of solid wood. We can say a budgeted version for solid wood finish. Membrane finish is getting popular among households due to its conventional finish and durability. This finish has got smooth and polished texture along with resistance from water and humid.
  6. Solid Wood Finish: Solid Wood Finish has become rare in this modular kitchen age. However, some people want to use solid wood for their kitchen to get a classic look. It is undoubtedly a tedious job to get the modular kitchen fittings done with a flawless finish. Over and above it’s expensive.
  7. Stainless Steel Finish: Being non- corrosive in character, stainless steel makes a good choice for a kitchen. It brings a lustrous appearance for your kitchen, but it’s quite expensive. Also, being a conductor of electricity, not recommended for all appliance fittings in Indian Kitchen.

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