The Importance Of Payment Gateways In Your eCommerce

Businesses that decide to start selling their products through an online store are increasing, and the payment process is undoubtedly a critical moment that companies must take care of if they want to maximize their sales. A secure and reliable payment gateway is, without a doubt, the best option that an eCommerce has to improve users’ confidence when making transactions on the Internet. Companies must take into account several important considerations when defining how they will configure their payment gateways so that the customer shopping experience is the best possible.

Different forms of payment can be used in an online store, such as bank transfer, cash on delivery, payment by check, or payment through PayPal, among others. But the payment method that should never be missing in an online store is payment by credit or debit card.

The card payment gateway is the method that undoubtedly generates the most trust in the user when buying online, due to its simplicity and security.

Advantages Of Payment Gateways

  • The buyer’s bank details go directly to the bank, in charge of accepting or rejecting the payment, but at no time are those details known to third parties.
  • They are fully compatible with other alternative payment methods. Know to check my vanilla visa balance, and keep in mind that the card data is always protected to prevent fraud. They offer total security for users, and the possibility of fraud in an eCommerce has been reduced.
  • The payment gateways of an online store must have been previously approved by the bank, in charge of verifying the applicant’s business activity and verifying its legality, as well as the fulfillment of its business obligations.

Disadvantages Of Payment Gateways

  • Banking entities request a series of requirements and documents that must be accepted to obtain a payment gateway or virtual POS.
  • To install a virtual POS, you must have the technical knowledge or, if not, have the help of someone specialized, to integrate the payment gateway into your eCommerce. Your bank will provide you with the necessary data so that you can use it, but they are not in charge of putting it to work on your online sales platform.
  • The use of a virtual POS has associated commissions for each purchase. These will be greater or less depending on each entity.

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