Learn The Stages of Alcohol Addiction Recovery at Taylor Recovery Center

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can destroy relationships within families and reduce once happy, successful people to pathetic shells of their former selves. Though the blow is severe, there remains hope for recovery. It is possible for anybody to recover from alcohol addiction with the aid of a professional treatment center. Getting to know the stages of alcohol addiction recovery can be helpful to persons struggling with addiction. Admitting one has a problem, getting ready for addiction therapy, and adjusting to life following treatment are all clearly outlined in each phase.

Stages of Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Precontemplation Phase.

People in the early phases of addiction recovery are not yet ready to enroll in an addiction treatment program. In this stage, they are on the defensive and constantly justifying their actions.  A lack of knowledge about addictive habits might keep someone stuck in this phase. Disappointment with previous efforts at recovery and treatment alternatives is another common reason individuals stay in the pre-contemplation stage. Most people in the pre-contemplation stage believe that recovery is impossible for them. However, in reality, everyone has the potential to achieve full recovery.

Treatment Initiation Stage

In the first few days of treatment, you may feel conflicted about making a full commitment to rehabilitation and may even convince yourself that your drug misuse issue is not as severe as that of other patients. The initial few days of rehabilitation might be particularly difficult because of ambivalence and denial. Patients in this stage are encouraged to commit to the process of recovery and come to terms with the fact that abstinence is the desired outcome. A drug and alcohol addiction expert might assist the patient in the following ways toward this goal:

  • Increase the addict’s motivation.
  • Help them overcome their denial about their addiction.
  • Reduce the harm that addiction causes.
  • Early Abstinence Stage

This stage begins after you have decided to continue with treatment. Successfully completing the early abstinence stage is strongly correlated with better treatment success. In this stage, patients are faced with numerous problems, including;

  • Persistent withdrawal symptoms
  • Strong cravings
  • Peer pressure to restart abusing
  • Triggers

At this point in your substance addiction recovery journey, you and your addiction counselor will begin working together to provide you with the tools you’ll need to maintain your clean lifestyle. The skills you acquire today will serve you well throughout your rehabilitation.

Maintenance Stage

People in addiction recovery spend a lot of time in the maintenance phase in order to avoid relapsing into their addiction. They continue to follow their new routine, which includes regular exercise, leisure, sleep hygiene, and group support. By now, they have more faith in their capacity to stay sober since they aren’t as tempted to relapse as persons in the earlier stages.

Depending on the individual’s addiction history, genetics, and life experiences, this phase might extend anywhere from six months to five years. Abstaining from an addictive habit for six months is necessary for a minority of individuals to reach a stage where they do not relapse. However, most individuals must devote between two and five years to the process to break the pattern and establish a new behavior.

Learn More About The Stages of Alcohol Addiction at Taylor Recovery Center

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