Facts Regarding Jerky Treats for Dogs and Buying Options in Houston.

An Overview of Jerky Dog Treats.

If you’re a dog owner, you know the drill: Your dog is probably begging for some of that tasty human food. Regardless of how they raise their pets, dog parents everywhere agree that there are some items that their furry companions should never consume. Examples include avocados, chocolate, grapes, and onions; however, jerky treats aren’t usually mentioned. In 2016, many pet owners were alarmed by reports that certain jerky dog treats might be harmful to their pets. However, these reports later confirmed that the dogs would fall ill due to the contamination from improper handling and not from directly consuming jerky dog treats.

Facts Regarding Jerky Dog Treats.

Feeding dogs jerky treats can be a tasty way to supplement their diet or reward them for good behavior. There are, however, a few things to know and keep in mind before giving your dog jerky treats:

  1. Quality matters. Treats made from jerky meat should be of high quality. Treats should be chosen with quality ingredients in mind, such as 100% real meat and no added fillers or artificial substances. Avoid treats made in China, as there have been several recalls for jerky treats that were linked to illness in dogs.
  2. Verify the components. Before giving your dog a jerky treat, always check the container for a list of ingredients. Large amounts of certain components, such as garlic and onion, can be harmful to dogs. And since some dogs have digestive issues processing grains or fillers, it’s best to go for treats made with basic, easily absorbed components.
  • Not all dogs fare well with jerky treats. Some dogs have digestive issues or food allergies that prevent them from enjoying jerky treats. A severe allergic response might include itching, swelling, and even vomiting. Stop giving your dog jerky treats, and call the vet if you see any adverse responses.
  1. Use treats for training and rewards. Dogs love jerky treats; you can use them for training and rewards. Feed them to your dog sparingly and in moderation to prevent overfeeding. Remember that jerky treats should not replace your dog’s meals, and always provide fresh water for your dog to drink.
  2. Store jerky treats for dogs properly. If given a chance, your dog will want to devour the whole bag, so be sure you keep them safely out of his reach.
  3. Talk to your pet’s vet. Consult your vet before giving your dog jerky treats, especially if your dog has a health problem that needs particular attention. In addition to providing useful information about dog food and nutrition, they may also recommend the best treats for your pet.

In summary, jerky treats are a pleasant and nutritious option for rewarding excellent behavior or supplementing your dog’s diet. Jerky treats are great for dogs, but only if you choose the right ones, check the ingredients, feed them in moderation, store them in the right conditions, and consult with your doctor if you have any questions.

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