Why do French bulldogs need a harness?

Most of the frenchie dog owners have a very common question- What is the need of a harness? A harness is very important for your dog because it is the first thing that you give to your dog especially when it has not learnt to walk on the leash.  Apart from this, it serves as an excellent training tool for your pooch.

Reasons why frenchie bulldogs need harness:

When you first bring a pup home, u will find that they are very stubborn in nature. That is because they haven’t learnt the behavioral patterns. To shape up their behavior and personality, it is very important to give them a harness. The dog has to be trained in a manner so that he can develop his personality and most importantly, to avoid any social or interactive problems in future. Apart from this, French bull dogs need proper clothes to cover up their skin which is extremely hypersensitive. For example, you can buy black pied Frenchie dog pajamas to reduce allergies and shedding.

Harnesses are essential to train your dog in the right way. Another benefit of harnesses is that unlike collars, it does not hurt your dog. Harnesses are beneficial during the initial stages (when the pup is small). This is because the dog can suffer from neck injuries especially if the dog is untrained. So it is always good to use a harness.

Tips to buy the best harness for your dog:

Harnesses are available in three major types- nylon, mesh and soft padded. French bull dogs are quite small in size with hypersensitive skin. It is always advisable to buy comfortable pieces of clothes and harnesses for them. For example, the soft padded harness is very soft and they can provide the best support to your canine with high sense of comfort and softness. For hot conditions, it is good to buy lighter harnesses. For summer months, mesh harnesses are the best.

The medical condition of the dog has to be considered before choosing harnesses for your pup. This is because frenchie dogs suffer from serious back injuries. They have short back legs and this is one of the reasons why French bulldog pajamas, dog accessories, poop bags and other things have to be brought with immense care. Frenchie dogs are very sensitive. They cannot withstand extremes of temperature and hence, it is important to buy the right things for your precious dog.

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