Stay Connected with Friends as You Play Rummy Online

Locked down at home and forced to stay disconnected with friends? That is the plight of most of the young office goers. The people who enjoy socialising and having fun with friends are now cut off from their circles completely. The Covid19 scare has forced the government to take real serious measures. People who understand this are forced to comply. However, staying indoors can be quite difficult and challenging for the active people and young office goers. Finding a means to spend their time and energy would be one of the greatest challenges. Thanks to technology and the Khelplay Rummy app, people can now enjoy rummy card games with friends even without leaving their bedrooms. If you and your friends are avid fans of rummy games, make the best of lockdown and explore your love for rummy along with your friends and dear ones. Here we are sharing some ideas on how to achieve this end:

Let Rummy Keep You Connected in the Following Ways:

Just because you are forced to stay indoors, it does not mean that you can’t have fun with friends anymore. Technology has made life really simple and it is possible to enjoy the company of friends even without stepping out. Here are some interesting ways to explore the love for rummy along with friends.

Quiz Each Other on Rummy

Anyone who enjoys Indian Rummy Card Games would enjoy an opportunity to know more about his favourite card game. So, why not take some time during this lockdown to find answers to the trickiest questions about rummy games. Explore the internet and you will find information regarding the origin of rummy and how itdeveloped into a popular card game. You will also learn about the different ways in which rummy games have been used to portray a culture in different books and movies. There are several quotes and sayings too inspired from rummy card games. Compile all this knowledge regarding rummy card games and then come up with a set of questions that you can ask friends in your rummy circles. It can be quite interesting and challenging. If you have friends who are equally enthusiastic about rummy games, they will surely come up with their set of questions to intrigue you and also add to your knowledge.

Organise Watch-party for Rummy Tutorial Videos

Khelplay Rummy is a popular rummy gaming app. There is a website too where all information regarding rummy gaming is shared with the viewers. The website has shared several rummy tutorial videos. You can host a watch party on popular social media sites so that your rummy circle friends can watch the video simultaneously from their homes. The feeling of togetherness and love towards this game will survive in the process. Be willing to explore this unique way to enjoy rummy games and knowledge regarding them.

Challenge Your Friend for Exciting Rummy Tournaments

Are you missing the fun of challenging your friends in a round of rummy? Get the Khelplay Rummy app and all that fun will come knocking at your door again. The app organises rummy tournaments every season. Challenge your friend in these tournaments and show them how good you are at Indian Rummy card games. Winners of rummy tournaments get cash prizes and sometimes they are also rewarded with the latest gadgets. Such exciting offers are sure to lure your friends also to this exciting rummy gaming app on smartphones.

Invite Friends to Khelplay Rummy App

Even if you don’t want to participate in tournaments, Khelplay Rummy app is still an exciting place to be for all the rummy lovers. Invite your friends and if they accept your invitation, you are gifted some bonus points. A new player to Khelplay Rummy also gets some extra bonus points making it a win-win situation.

The best part about this gaming app is that it is designed for the convenience of the users. The app is easy to install on any modern smartphone device. You can enjoy uninterrupted rummy gaming if you have a strong internet connection or data connection.

Share Quotes Related to Rummy Gaming

Sometimes, you don’t have to play with your friends or do anything together to maintain the friendship. If you have a few friends who enjoy rummy gaming, simply sharing a quote related to rummy can help you stay connected. Rummy is the common love that you friends share. When you speak about this topic, it is bound to bring back nostalgic memories. This is a very positive feeling that can also be brought up through a rummy quote.

Try Out Different Rummy Variations with Friends Online

If you are among those avid rummy fans who enjoy to try different variations of rummy, Khelplay Rummy app offers everything you are looking for. It will help you explore every aspect of Indian Rummy Card Games sitting at home. You get to explore the following variations of rummy gaming on Khelplay Rummy app:

Cash Playing and Free Playing

People playing rummy on Khelplay Rummy can choose between practice chips and real chips. Real chips are needed when you are choosing rummy cash play.

Single Round Game and Series Game

Players can decide to end their rummy session in a single round with Points Rummy Card Game. They may choose series rummy games like Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy if they want to stick around longer. In Khelplay Rummy, player can choose 2 Deals Rummy, 3 Deals Rummy or 6 Deals Rummy in this variation of the game. Similarly, there are two variations in Pool Rummy on Khelplay Rummy. These are 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. The true rummy enthusiasts take time to understand the rules of each of these variations of rummy games. They then download the Khelplay Rummy app and practice their rummy gaming skills using practice chips. Once they are sure they have gained the necessary expertise, they opt for real chips to play cash rummy tournaments and win huge prizes.

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