What You Need to Know About Gambling Tax

The gambling tax is a difficult thing for many people. And perhaps even for the tax authorities themselves. There are all kinds of different rules and let’s be honest … do you know whether you have to pay gambling tax on sports betting and online gambling? You are probably not sure. And so, we would like to give you some explanation, because of course, you do not want to be faced with surprises when you have just won something. Let’s start and answer all of your questions. Most good betting sites like พนันฟุตบอล can offer great betting option. 

What Exactly is the Gambling Tax?

Many people know what the gambling tax is: the tax that gambling participants have to pay on the benefit they gain with the gambling.

According to the tax authorities, games of chance include lotteries, poker games, casino games and also (sports) bets. If you win more than € 449, you have to pay 30.1% tax.

Temporary, because that percentage will eventually decrease to 29%.

Anyway, in many cases, the organizer already withholds that percentage, and you do not have to do anything.

How Does the Gambling Tax in Online Gambling Work?

The gambling tax in online gambling is calculated based on the difference between what you bet in one month and what you won. Suppose you deposit € 100 into your account and you win a total of € 1000 in the month with a few bets.

Congratulations! Your profit in that month is then € 1000 – € 100 = € 900 … and you have to pay tax on that. This also applies if you bet with multiple bookmakers. You subtract your total bet from all bookmakers from your total winnings from those same bookmakers. That is the amount that you have to pay gambling tax on.

Which Online Bookmarkers are Foreign?

Currently, except for the Toto, all online bookmakers and casinos are located abroad. And so, you have to pay gambling tax on the profit of your sports betting. So, if you thought you were smart and have a maximum of € 400 paid every month to avoid problems, then you are out of luck. You also have to pay tax on this.

If you bet less than € 400 in total. You often have to download and send the declaration form yourself.


The gambling tax is still a lot of hassle in 2019 because the law is currently being modernized. But after all this information, we can easily answer the question whether you should pay gambling tax on the (net) profit of sports betting and online gambling; yes, you have to pay a 30.1% tax on this.

Unless you wagered more than you won, of course. It would also be special if you had to pay tax on your loss, wouldn’t it?

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