What Makes the Best Morganite Rings for You

Diamond as jewelry is a wish of many and the most beautiful way to mark important life dates. The story can be perfectly rounded off with a gift of diamond jewelry. The diamond ring fits every hand perfectly and gives a special note of glamor and elegance. It is an ideal choice for an engagement ring. From new engagements, important anniversaries, engagements, to jubilee birthday celebrations, a diamond ring or other piece of jewelry with a diamond is a gift you won’t go wrong with. Its longevity is also emphasized by the fact that the selected piece of jewelry will last and be loved by generations. The diamond is very inspiring and that is why new jewelry models are constantly being made, with an increasingly bold and extravagant design. One thing is for sure diamond jewelry is the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Morganite: a symbol of love

Morganite is an orange-pink variant of the mineral beryl. It is considered a stone that attracts love and sustains it. It also encourages thinking and acting with love and thus creates space to enjoy life. It is believed to help fight stress and has a calming effect. Traces of manganese give a subtle color to morganite. Morganite is characterized by pronounced multicolor from pale pink to dark indigo. Thanks to that, a very elegant effect can be achieved when making stone, if you pay attention to it in the right way. Although morganite is characterized by multicolor, bright colors are rare. Therefore, in order to achieve the most pronounced shades, jewels of larger diameters are made, which are built into earrings, necklaces, rings with morganite. You can also go for the Morganite Engagement Rings there.


Amethyst is a stone purple to lavender and glassy. Purple is considered the color of spirit and spirituality. It is the most popular variant of naturally colored quartz. It is found in Mexico, Brazil, Sri Lanka, USA, India, and Bolivia. Amethyst is considered a stone of protection and selflessness, nobility, spiritual awareness, but also balance and inner peace. It is believed to bring peace and create harmony in space.


Tanzanite is a purple-blue gemstone, whose color can vary from light, delicate purple-blue to navy blue. It is characterized by the fact that several colors appear in one stone, so depending on the angle of view, it gives a completely different impression and appearance. It is very sensitive to high temperatures and mechanical influences, so you should be careful when processing, but also later. It is considered to bring inspiration and the ability to realize ideas. It is also believed to bring happiness in marriage, increase restraint, and create peace and harmony. It can often be read that it is a “stone for workaholics” because it helps to slow down and take things less seriously, and it also manages to awaken the heart and mind. Jewelry with tanzanite, rings above all, has become very popular, and not without reason.


Topaz is a stone that occurs in several variations, i.e. colorless, numerous shades of yellow, pink, and blue, gold. It is named after the colorless topaz is visually very difficult to distinguish from a diamond. Golden yellow is known as “imperial topaz” because in the 19th century this stone was used to make jewelry and objects of the Russian royal family.

Looking back

Until 1911, this gem was simply called pink beryll, or alternatively one of the older names rosterite, vorobievit or worobieffit. It was in 1911 that Tiffany & co paid attention to the beautiful light pink beryl variant. The name Morganite was named after the famous banker JP Morgan in New York.

The beautiful salmon pink color and striking clarity and the fact that the morganite is available in sizes suitable for pendants and earrings has made the gemstone an appreciated and quite well known gemstone.

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What is a Morganite?

Many of you may have heard of gems such as emeralds and aquamarines. These are gemstones that are part of the beryl group and have been popular in jewelry for a long time. The color of a beryll is created by impurities that penetrate the crystal. A beryl contaminated with chromium gets a green color and is then called Emerald. If it is contaminated instead with iron, an aquamarine can be created. In nature, it also happens that the beryl is contaminated with something called Manganese and then a pink color is created – the Morganite has seen the light of day.


Brazil is usually mentioned as the classic bargain. Without a doubt, Brazil has for many years produced a large number of finds of beautiful Morganites with good quality, color and size. However, we do not find the earliest significant fundraising site in Brazil. Even today, Madagascar is a haven for beautiful Morganites. Another find is in sunny California, namely in Pala, which is located in San Diego County.

Morganites, Kunzites and Tourmalines were found here early on. Another part of the United States that has produced amazing specimens of Morganite is Maine. A noted Morganite who weighed 23 kilos just came from Main and was called “The rose of main”.

The world’s largest Morganite originated in Madagascar. Today you will find this stone, which weighs 598.7 carats, at the British Museum. It is a symbol that Madagascar will always be the home of the Morganite, even though new finds have emerged around the world.

Morganite as a gemstone

Morganites are very clear gemstones, which mean that the grinding and polishing of the stone is very important to bring out its beauty. The beauty of a Morganite with an intense color can be completely lost by a poorly done grinding. To create beautiful jewelry with Morganites, we are therefore very careful in selecting stones that have a high-quality cut.

The Morganite as a gemstone works very well in jewelry such as earrings and pendants. This gemstone can also be used in rings such as engagement rings and wedding rings. When designing jewelry with Morganites, we always strive to raise the stone through the design of the jewelry. For example, using small white diamonds next to a Morganite can elevate the experience of the beautiful pink color to unimaginable heights.