What Does An Immigration Lawyer Do And When To Hire One?

Most people know that dealing with the legal part of any issue or any situation can be confusing and can seem complicated. Each country has different laws regarding work permits, residence visas and other issues and it is important to know what the requirements are, what are your obligations and what are your rights to be able to live and work legally in another country.

The Immigration Lawyers London are the ones who are responsible for advising and guiding people throughout the process.

When To Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Below you will find the main cases in which it is important to require the help of an immigration lawyer:

  1. You Are Planning To Work Or Live Abroad

Although it is not necessary to hire an immigration lawyer to do the paperwork required to live abroad, it can help the process go smoothly. The requirements and procedures to obtain visas and permits can be confusing, and a specialized lawyer can solve your doubts.

  1. Your Visa Application, Residence, Naturalization Was Rejected

If you made a request to the relevant authorities to be able to live, work or study abroad or it was rejected, you can hire an immigration lawyer to explain exactly why your application was rejected and what you can do.

  1. Your Husband Or Son Is Abroad, And You Want To Meet Him

Immigration attorneys also help in family reunification cases by advising the family and offering information on the conditions that must be met.

Minor children and parents who depend financially or in any other way can obtain a residence visa to be able to meet with their relatives, but the conditions depend on the laws of each country and the specific situation of each family.

  1. You Want To Move Your Business To Another Country Or Start An International Business

Depending on your case, you may also need the help of a commercial or labor lawyer in the country to which you want to move your business, but an immigration lawyer will give you information on what are the initial conditions that you must comply with and what are the procedures that you must go on.

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