Truest Values for the Garden Building

If you do not plan to create a slab, you can however pour concrete pads at the corners. One tip is use 200 mm diameter PVC pipe and cut lengths of 50 cm that you fill with concrete (for shelters with a surface area of 16 m²). Otherwise, form l25 x W25 x 20D studs with planks and pour the concrete into them (the size of the studs depends on the floor area). Visit https://www.surreyhillsgardenbuildings.co.uk for the perfect building in your garden.

Cinder block or concrete chaining

You can also make a chaining with concrete blocks and with concrete under the outline of the garden shed. Apply bituminous paint on the blocks to prevent any capillary rise.

  • Surfaces and layout possibilities
  • Storage and layout solutions

The arrangement of garden sheds to optimize storage can be facilitated by:

  • the shelves at several levels or shelves
  • tool holders in the form of hooks or shelves

Remember that a wooden garden shed will always be more easily convertible than a resin or metal shed (installation of shelves, hooks etc.). Metal and PVC shelters most often require specific fittings and therefore more expensive. Ditto if you want to install insulation against the walls of a chalet as part of an annex bedroom, it will always be easier to line a wall on wood than on plastic.

The dimensions and floor space of the shelters

The surfaces of the garden sheds are mentioned under different names and correspond to a precise ground occupation.

  • The overall surface includes all the occupation of the chalet in space as if you wanted to insert it in a cube. This includes the roof overhangs and the ridge.
  • The exterior surface or exterior dimensions represent the exterior dimensions of the shed, that is, the measurements taken from the facades of the walls (but without the roof overhangs).
  • Usable area or interior dimensions refers to the usable area inside the chalet.
  • Regarding the choice of floor space, ask yourself about your needs and / or quantify the material you want to store there.

Regulation of garden sheds

On the administrative side, you have the obligation to comply with the regulations. Before any purchase and installation, consider the floor surfaces.

  • Surfaces smaller than 5 m² do not require any action
  • Surfaces between 5 m² and less than 20 m² are subject to a work declaration
  • Surfaces greater than 20 m² require a building permit application

Buying a shelter for the garden is complicated! Choose the surface, the material, the type of cover not to mention the aesthetics or the regulatory aspects! Here are the essentials to help you make the right choice.

What use?

  • Wooden garden shed
  • Wood shelter

You are considering a purchase, but have you defined the use you will make of this future garden shed?

Will there be additional storage space? A gardening or even DIY workshop? Or a real living space?

Most of the other choices depend on how you answer this question. The surface of the shelter, its height and its comfort will not be the same.

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