Armored vehicles – What are the levels of ballistic protection?

When looking to purchase armored vehicles, it is very essential to know about what kind of ballistic protection the vehicle offers. It is the most evolving sector, which offers security against any kind of bullet penetration. One need you calculate the ballistic plating specs as per the type of locality vehicle will be driven as well as the level of safety necessities.

What is ballistic protection?

It offers protection of eyes and body against the projectiles of different sizes, shapes, and velocities. It concerns structural reinforcement for vehicles, armors, and apparels as well. Such safety measures are needed for policemen, soldiers, celebrities, politicians, and known security personnel. In older days, these materials were made up of heavy metals, but now it comes with light-weight materials, which can be fitted in vehicles easily.

Types of armored vehicles

Lightly armored vehicles:

Usually come with the rating of VR (BR) 1-3, the vehicles come with firewall protection, armored plating around the vehicle battery, fuel tank and suspension. It comprises of thin ballistic plates covering the whole exterior of the automotive and can shield passengers from small bullets of 9mm round. Any fire larger than 9mm has higher chance of penetrating inside the car. Run-flat tires, ballistic covered glass, and smoke screens come at the additional cost.

Standard armored vehicles:

Packages VR4-6 (BR4-6) comes with all standard features listed above, with greater level of ballistic protection. The thickness of the plates upgraded to resist fire from guns up to 7.6rounds by Ak-47. The armored protection is ideal to travel within hostile terrains with additional features, such as run-flat tires, floor blast protection, and more.

carmored vehicles:

One of the highly secured vehicles in the bulletproof armored vehicle’s industry, the plating protects against 0.223, 0.50, and 14.5 caliber rounds. Look for rating between BR7 and BR10 and also opt for optional upgrades safeguarding the critical points.

The ballistic protection vehicles at Troy Armoring are built with high-quality and certified ballistic steel material. The vehicles come with 360-degree protection levels, offering safety against ballistic force via door gaps as well. The firm uses special technique to build bullet-proof glass and window frames that offers extra support in case if any explosion. The sturdy ballistic glasses are considered to be strong and usually don’t break at corners, offering more resistance against attacks.

Get in touch with the sales representatives in case you’ve any question about ballistic protection ratings or optional upgrades.

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