Understanding life and its purpose

Knowing the purpose of one’s life is not something that everyone gets to decipher. There are indeed a lot of people who spend their lives without realizing the purpose of their existence. Some are lucky enough to discover it and there is also quite a large number who realize the purpose of their life but get diverted due to various reasons. What is the meaning of life? This is a question that has multiple answers. It means different things for different people. For some, life means building a family and caring for the offsprings, for some others it is to lead a religious life, for yet others it is just being able to lead a calm and contented life. But, the right answer for the question ideally is all about finding the purpose that is is masked or hidden by a huge barrier that is again within you- your ego.

All about purpose

A purpose is indeed a powerful tool. It can influence your behavior, shape your goals,  and offer a sense of direction to an otherwise illusioned life.  The purpose of life would be unique and in almost all cases would also be quite different from that of others. This is a possibility even if the persons in question were twins who were born and brought up together. The purpose can also shift and change as you move ahead in life in response to the evolving priorities or owing to fluctuations in experiences. The questions that are likely to crop up in your mind when you seriously ponder over What is the meaning of life? include

 Who am I?

 Where do I belong?

 When would I feel fulfilled?

Why should you understand the meaning of life?

Understanding What is the meaning of life? It is very imperative to define the purpose of your life and the things that you were made for. That is why understanding the meaning of life is considered to be beneficial emotionally and psychologically. Understanding the meaning of life and discovering the purpose would be helpful to

Live longer– Studies indicate that people who lead a meaningful life that is connected to their sense of purpose tend to live longer than others who didn’t. there is also evidences to indicate that purpose in living could be a buffer against mortality risk in adults.

Reduce the risk of heart diseases– Purpose in life has been considered to provide protection against myocardial infarction. A study conducted in Japan in 2008 showed that lower levels of purpose among Japanese men were associated with earlier death and heart diseases that were harmful to the heart.

Handle pain better- A study in the Journal of pain suggests that women with a strong sense of purpose we’re able to respond better to the hot and cold stimuli used for pain management.

Reduces chances for  Alzheimer’s – Studies in Chicago among elderly subjects showed that people with a lower sense of purpose in life were 2.4 times more likely to get Alzheimer’s when compared to others.

To promote resilience– Being able to cognitively reappraise the situations and to control and regulate emotions is one of the common traits that almost all people with a higher sense of purpose in life exhibited.

 Explore your purpose in life to lead a meaningful, happy and healthy life.

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