Ten Commandments Of The Gentlemens Club

Gentlemens clubs have become popular over the last couple of years. People are more open to the idea of spending the night at a gentlemens club Melbourne than at any regular bar or club. Let’s face it, when blokes go out for a wild night, they aren’t just looking for a place where they can get drunk and dance, sometimes they are hoping to look at some people and maybe meet someone. Although gentlemen’s clubs don’t exactly advocate that you should try and pick up the dancers there, you would be surprised at the number of beautiful women who go to gentlemens club with the same idea of having great adult fun.

Every establishment has its own set of rules.  This is true now m. So, if you are visiting a strip club for the first time there are some rules you need to know about when you visit a gentlemens club. After a couple of cocktails and the dizzying lights, it might be hard to remind yourself of the things you can or cannot do. Here are the ten commandments of visiting a gentlemens club:

  1. Thou shall dress appropriately. No t-Shirts and sweatpants. It is unbecoming of a gentleman to be seen at a gentlemen’s club dressed like he is going to the corner shop.
  1. Thou shall be courteous. Manners maketh the man. Keep that in mind from the minutes you step through the door until the very end of the night.
  1. Thou shall be decent and respectful. No cat call, no rudeness to the performers and call out any bad behavior your mates engage in.
  1. Thou shall not grope. There isn’t much personal space between performers and punters but you still need to respect them and keep your hands to yourself.
  1. Thou shall not take pictures without asking. A Gentlemens club Melbourne might have a strict no-video policy but some of the ladies might not want to see their photos on the internet or circulating through social media. A lot of them are low key people with lives outside the club that they would not like to see collide with the real world.
  1. Thou shall tip performers. Performers at a gentlemen’s club are there to make a living. For a lot of them, that is the only job. They make their money in tips so if you like what you see, show your appreciation with a generous tip.
  1. Though shall not proposition any of the ladies. Again, gentlemens clubs performers are doing a job, getting hit on all the time can be irritating.
  1. Though shall buy drinks. The club itself makes the bulk of its money from the drinks it serves at the bar. Do not nurse one drink for an hour. Even if you do not want to drink to get drunk, you can always alternate between alcohol and water.
  1. Though shall try a private lap dance. A lap dance is something that any gentlemens club punter should experience at least once. You will be escorted to a private area for you to enjoy the performance meant just for you. Anyone else in your party cannot watch, they also have to pay money to get their own lap dance experience.
  1. Thou shall have fun. After all, this is what gentlemen’s clubs are there for.

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