Recover Traffic with 301 WP Redirects – Effective SEO Practice That You Cannot Overlook


The 301 redirect is one of the good SEO practices that get overseen by many website owners. You may find the necessity to move a blog post, webpage, or even the domain, to a new destination. At the same time, you will not want to lose out on the traffic that is already coming to those existing pages.

You would rather want that SEO value to be carried over to the fresh destination or URL. The best solution here is to use the page redirects. Today, redirection is made easy with special redirect WordPress plugin tools. Just follow the redirection strategy and persist, in order to drive traffic from the old page to a fresh URL. Thus your new page ranking also increases, and your SEO results get maintained.

What is the redirection strategy?

Redirection strategy means rerouting the traffic that is requesting an old URL A, to destination URL B. It is very important in terms of SEO. There are 3 types of redirection.

  1. 301 redirects – It is a status code that means the page or URL is moved or changed permanently. All the traffic that desire to contact the old page will be automatically transferred to the migrated destination. It even helps Google search engines to index the destination URL.
  2. 302 redirects – It is a code that reroutes traffic to a new address temporarily. In this case, the Google bots will index the original URL, and not the destination page.
  3. URL frame or masked redirect – URL frame practice is similar to the 301s and 302s. The tiny difference is that the destination URL is shown in the server frame, instead of redirecting traffic in real-time.

Use of 301 WP redirects helps to steadily reroute traffic from the old page, post or blog. The user’s experience gets better, as they gain information, which they came seeking for. Google appreciates sites that improve user experience. Even the search engine bots can work, without any confusion about which page to index.

When to use the 301 redirects technique?

  • Many businesses buy several domain names to protect their online branding, and also to attract more traffic. Reroute the traffic of multiple domains to the main domain address. The 301 redirects is a correct solution to fulfill this purpose.
  • If there are some common spellings or typo errors done by users while typing your website URL, then you must apply redirection. That way you can consistently drive traffic to your correct web pages, even if the users make typo errors.
  • When a post or page gets recreated, there a need to make those URLs user and SEO friendly, so ensure to redirect current URLs to new ones.

The WP 301 redirect plugin is helpful to recover your old page traffic. It even helps to create and supervise 301s and 302s. This, in turn, improves SEO and overall user experience. You can use redirect option to strategically send free traffic to your coming soon WordPress page.


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