Most Common Types of Accidents in San Diego, California

Driving needs complete focus and concentration. If the driver’s eyes ever go off the roads even for a while, a major accident can take place within a fraction of a second. Therefore, the reason for car accidents remains distraction while driving, and the sources of distraction can be varied. No matter what the distraction might have been, after an accident, you need legal experts to settle your legitimate dues

However, here are the most common types of accidents that call for the best car injury attorney California.

  1. Drunk Driving Accidents

Even though the safety guidelines for driving boldly states that driving while drunk can be life-risking, the majority of the accidents in San Diego, California, can be attributed to this cause. No matter what has been the fatality or the extent of damage, you need to consult the best motorcycle injury attorney California if your motorbike or any other vehicle has been hit by a car with a drunk driver. 

  1. Hit And Run Accidents

Hit and run is another variety of accidents that take place frequently in San Diego, California. If your semi truck has been a victim of such an accident, make sure to contact the best semi truck accident attorney California. The legal procedure is never a simple one, and the lawyers make things easier for you with their experience. 

  1. Texting While Driving Accidents

Taking the eyes off the road for a moment can be dangerous when you are driving. If a driver gets engaged in replying to a text received on the mobile phone, accidents might take place within seconds. This is a variety of distraction induced accidents which is another common type of accident in San Diego, California. 

  1. Left Turning Accidents

Taking a left turn, while driving along the highway, is always the tricky part of navigating the wheels. If proper cautions are not taken, accidents become inevitable. Also, checking the traffic signs before taking a turn is a must. Drivers often miss the red light and turn the wheels to collide head-on with another vehicle. Plenty of car accidents every year take place due to this reason in San Diego, California.

  1. Stop Sign Accidents

Abiding by the traffic rules is essential for securing safety while driving. If the driver somehow misses on the stop sign while driving, chances are more that a head-on collision with another vehicle coming from the opposite direction will take place. And, this is how many cars across fatal accidents every year in San Diego, California. 

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