Will You Prefer A Door-To-Door Service While Shipping Your Car?

If you are shipping a car to your desired location then you can also exercise an option to get your car delivered as well as picked up from your address. However, in that case, you need a certain amount of extra money too.

Whether you prefer this extra service or not is entirely your choice. If you do not like to avail this option then you should be ready to deliver your car at the terminal of the car shipping company and also pick your car from your destination location of the terminal.

As such,  Ship a Car, Inc. offers a cheap car transport service as compared to driving your car to your destination, so by paying a little extra amount of an additional fee, you can always get your car picked up from your address and also get it delivered to your destination address.

Let us try to understand various pros and cons of this kind of service.


  1. You need not waste your time by visiting the terminal and all the formalities will be completed at your location.  Also, when you reach your destination the car will be delivered to your address.
  2. Your vehicle will not stay at the terminal and collect dust till you pick it up. Also, the chances of getting damaged will be avoided.
  3. It can save you a considerable amount of time to search for a terminal in a new and relatively unknown location.

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  1. Any extra service will attract an extra payment. If your new address is in a difficult to access location then the charges can be a little more too.

Now let us look at the other option, which is collecting your car by visiting the terminal both at source and destination. Usually, these terminal areas are a fenced area where your vehicles will be fully secured.

You can either deliver your vehicle or can pick up your vehicle at the terminal located at the destination end. This is called terminal-to-terminal transport.

Let us look at the pros and cons of this option too.


  1. The most obvious reason is that it will be a cheaper option as compared to the above option.
  2. You have the flexibility to choose your own time to visit the terminal and either deliver your car or go for picking up. While in case of the other option, you need to schedule an appointment with the transporter.


  1. If the terminals are located in a faraway place then it may be a little inconvenient to travel all the way to the terminal.
  2. In some of the terminals, you may have to pay additional charges for parking, if you fail to collect your vehicle within the time given to you.
  3. Another disadvantage is that they have only a schedule time when you can visit the terminal.

Now having seen the pros and cons of both the option, you can now decide, which option will be more convenient to you.

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