Is It OK To Use Waterhog Mats On Hardwood Floors?

Rubber pads have a well-deserved reputation for being destructive to the finish of conventional hardwood floors. Therefore, it is not abnormal to be concerned about the quality of a mat before putting it down on the floor. Recently, a lot of people have been converting to the Waterhog mats since they are resistant to water, friendly to traffic, and endure a long time. But can Waterhog mats be used on hardwood floors without causing damage?

In contrast to other synthetic rubber pads, Waterhog mats won’t leave marks on your hardwood floors when they’re walked on. The Water Dam Borders, which are the trademark of the business, are included with the mats and serve to stop any water from escaping. In addition, the rubber pads do not include any potentially hazardous adhesives that may serve the function of sealants between the floor and the mat coverings. Even with considerable foot traffic, the mats are designed to have no negative effect on the flooring.

In addition to their ability to repel water and the fact that they are not sticky, WaterHog Impressions HD Logo Mats have a variety of other beneficial qualities. In today’s piece, we will discuss a couple of these admirable characteristics in further detail.

What Features Of Waterhog Mats Make Them Appropriate For Use On Hardwood Floors?

Waterhog mats protect the integrity of hardwood floors by:

Soaking Up The Wetness

The “water dam borders” on Waterhog mats have become famous over the years. This defining characteristic of their mats enables them to conserve a significant amount of water, which in turn helps to maintain the warmth of the surfaces underneath them.

When they are laid out correctly, they perform the function of a reservoir and store the additional moisture in the core of the mats.

As a result, there is no chance that the water may escape through the sides by mistake. Waterhog mats are capable of absorbing up to 1.5 gallons of water for every square yard that they cover. This indicates that bigger mats may be used to protect hardwood floors from many gallons of water and other forms of moisture.

Having The Appropriate Placement

Waterhog mats are available in a wide variety of lengths, widths, and depths. In addition to that, you can also style them by your preferences by making an order for personalized versions.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about tucking and concealing the additional pieces any more beneath any tables or sofas.

Forced tucking leads to curling, which in turn leads to harsh fraying, which in turn generates uneven matting, which leaves uneven scratches all over the floor?

Taking Its Natural Course

In addition to being able to keep water in, Waterhog mats are self-drying to a sufficient degree in a reasonable amount of time.

As a direct consequence of this, your hardwood floors will never again have to contend with wet mats for a considerable amount of time.

Covering The Ground Smoothly

Backings made of 100% smooth rubber are standard on Waterhog mats. At all times, the heavy-duty pads will ensure that there is a healthy layer between the hardwood floors and the mats that have been selected.

Bringing Down The Static Friction

Static friction between the two surfaces is also reduced thanks to the pads made of 20% recycled rubber. Because of this, when you get Waterhog mats installed, you may do many different things on the floors without worrying about damaging them in any way, like walking in heels, jumping about, etc.