Amazing Devices To Convert Your Room Into A Smart Room

Gadgets are amazing and they can do a lot of changes in your daily lifestyle. It is always a good idea to add some gadgets to your room for added convenience. Everyone loves to have some reading spots ( มา ร์ โฮม, which is the term in Thai) around the house and there are some amazing additions you can do to enhance them.

We have collated some of these gadgets that you can use in your room. These will not just make your room smart but it will also make your room look a lot better. So, let’s get straight to these devices for your room:

  • Philips Hue Smart LED Bulb

Lights are miraculous and they can change the whole aura of your room. You might not be able to relate this till the time you use this smart bulb at your home. Colors can change your mood and energy level and you can get it all within your smartphone. You can even add this bulb to your reading spots to reduce eye strain while reading. Or you can change it to some pop colors to dance with your friends and loved ones.

  • Autobot Smart Mark 2 Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is the best and they are a low-key cute addition to your room. They keep the room clean all the time and they are too easy to use. Equipped with smart mapping technology to learn the whole map of your house and work according to that. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

  • Sleep Number Smart Bed

No need to spend your night counting sheep now when you have this bed. The bed comes as it will help you to get the best sleep of your lifetime. It is equipped with smart technologies to help analyze your breathing rate and favorable positions during sleep hours. Accordingly, it will adjust the flexibility and movement of your bed to help you sleep better.

  • Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

A speaker is always a good addition to your home but when it is a smart speaker like Alexa, that adds more sugar to it. You can use Alexa to control a lot of your smart devices at home. Moreover, you can also do your quick Google search using Alexa from a faraway distance without even touching your phone. And with its high-quality speakers, you can listen to your favorite songs too.