Essential Home Maintenance Tasks to Do in Summer

While summer temperatures go up and most of us enjoy a summer holiday, homeowners must not neglect their houses. It is important to your home’s overall condition, whether you are considering selling your home in summer or not. As the master of the house, you should complete some tasks in the summer.

Below are some essential tasks that you must carry out this summer around your house. By carrying out the following home maintenance activities, you’ll decrease the chances of problems that might affect your home.

Wash your windows

You can clean the inside of the windows of your house during the winter and spring months. Now that it’s hotter than before, it’s the best time to clean the outside of the windows.

The first home maintenance job in the summer is to rinse and dry your home’s outside walls. You can find certain windows that are difficult to open in your rooms. For instance, some windows might be too high if you own a 2-story house. If so, you will either have to have the right equipment to wash your outside windows or hire a specialist.

To wash the outside walls, you need a ladder and a squeegee with a rubber end. If you don’t know how to wash your windows, employing a cleaner isn’t that expensive.

Clean your window screens

Once you complete the first home maintenance job in summer, wash your outside windows screens. If your home has torn and untidy window screens, it is not well-maintained.

If you need some repairs, a hardware store in the area might help you. You can clean your exterior window screens by using special equipment. The vacuum with soft brush mounting is one technique for cleaning the windows. If there is too much dust or dirt on the windows, you need to brush them using a toothbrush or the like. Prospective buyers love seeing a home with spotless window screens.

Clean your ceiling fans

Inspecting and cleaning your ceiling fans is a simple but necessary summer home maintenance job. Every ceiling fan is different, but most of them change in their rotation over time. Ensure that they work during the summer, as they are more prone to breaking during this season.

Check and clean the patio

You should take some time to inspect your patio or deck and decide whether you should clean, varnish, or paint it. Paint on wood decks typically lasts for a few years. You must protect your patio from stains and scratches to retain its good looks. Fresh paint on a deck is not only a great way of keeping a house in good condition but also a good way to increase the property’s value.

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