What makes the Best of the Best Choices of the Injury Lawyers

A lawyer will handle your case confidentially. A Personal injury lawyer will not speak to anyone else about the case. Everything that is discussed remains between the lawyer and the client concerned. This allows the client to speak confidentially with his counsel about the matter, which is beneficial to the interests. The lawyer has a legal professional secret. The lawyer unless the client explicitly agrees cannot be forced to testify as witness about matters entrusted to him in his position, the so-called right of non-disclosure.

Contrary to what some people may claim, the role of the lawyer for victims of bodily injury is not limited to the bus accident Attorney  in assessing the pecuniary damage of his client. On the contrary, he is present in all phases of the compensation process and assists his client throughout the compensation process, from the first appointment to the final compensation which can only be complete when the lawyer piloted well and led the victim’s appeal.

The role of the lawyer in the constitution of the files

The essential collection of information relating to the accident and its consequences:

During the first interview with a future client, the Car accident Attorney will be asked to question him on the circumstances in which the personal injury occurred. The lawyer examines the medical documents that the latter brought him.

The lawyer first instructs his client to obtain the communication of his medical file from the health establishment in which he was hospitalized, which is all the more important in the event of a medical accident since makes it possible to determine the faults which could have been committed.

He also asks the client to collect the documents relating to each of the damage items that he suffers. The role of the lawyer is therefore essential from the first meeting.

The client’s information obligation:

In view of the elements presented to him, the lawyer is required to inform the client as to the various possible procedures, their duration, their prospect of success and failure and their costs including the amount of the fees. The lawyer informs the client of the possibility of considering, where possible, an amicable transaction or of initiating a legal or administrative procedure.

The necessary intervention of a medical consultant:

In order to best protect the interests of the victim, the client should be referred to a doctor specializing in the assessment of bodily injury (medical consultant) whose role is to defend the client on a medical level who will examine the injured person and will assist him during the amicable or judicial expertise.

In matters of medical liability, he draws up a technical note in which he decides on the faults which may be held against the doctor or the health establishment concerned. The lawyer and the medical consultant work closely together throughout the file. This is why it is important for the lawyer to choose the right medical consultant.