Smart ways to sell your jewellery

If you have a jewellery box full of tangled necklaces, missing pairs of earnings, bracelets from former boyfriends you don’t like and rings you’ve accumulated over the years and no longer need, you can turn all that unused, unwanted jewellery into cash to pay for a vacation, a new bathroom or pay for your car. 

To get the most, you first need to know what your jewellery is really worth. Then you need to know where to sell it.  The effort you put into selling your own jewellery will determine how much you can get for it.

What is your gold jewellery worth?

The best way to get how much your jewellery is worth is to get an appraisal by a professional. Appraisers usually charge by the hour. For instance, diamond rings might take more than an hour to appraise, whereas a gold ring with multiple diamonds in elaborate settings might take as much as three hours. Some appraisers will charge per item. An appraiser should never charge the percentage of your jewellery’s value. 

Some people believe that you don’t have to go through the appraisal if the jewellery isn’t worth much. If you are absolutely sure your jewellery isn’t worth much then there is no point paying for an appraisal. Appraisers can do more than tell you how valuable your jewellery but they can also advice you on whether you should sell the gold jewellery to Brisbane gold brokers as scrap or sell it as is. 

Once you’ve had your jewellery appraised, you should keep in mind that you are unlikely to get that exact price from a gold buyer. 

Selling gold jewellery online

You need to be careful when selling your gold jewellery online. There are lots of people who have complained about online gold buyers lowballing their prices, failing to return their jewellery when an offer has been rejected, or just not sending any payment. It is especially important to find out as much as you can about online Brisbane gold brokers before sending your gold jewellery. Check for reviews of the. Company you are about to deal with. There are plenty of consumer sights that conduct research on online gold buyers and post reviews about them.

Make sure you know everything you need to know about the online buyer and read the fine print. Find out how much time it takes for the buyer to complete a deal, when and how they pay. Have photographs of your jewellery taken before shipping and make sure that the delivery method is insured. 

 Another option to try is selling on online consignment shop. This can be better because individuals who buy by impulse will typically pay more if they are convinced they have to have your jewellery. They may not be willing to pay more than a professional would. However, consignment shops charge a commission. Just make sure your profit isn’t taken up by the commission.

Selling in person

Selling your jewellery to a local gold buyer may still be the best way to do it. Just make sure to search for a number of Brisbane gold brokers. There are plenty of buyers who want your jewellery and are willing to pay you top dollar for it. Get the offers on papers and tell them you want to compare prices, that should make them want to give you the best price possible.

You have one final option. Your appraiser should be able to give you a few tips on the best place to sell your jewellery. Some appraisers will act as a broker for a fee. Just make sure it’s worth it.