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Problems with Dog Urine Killing Your Lawn?

Dog lovers everywhere all have one thing in common: where should the dog go? By ‘go’ we mean, where should he/she urinate? If you have an association or have spent a lot of money on your sod, the last thing you want is yellow patches from dog urine. However, there are very few answers to prevent or fix this problem with live grass.

Why Does Dog Urine Cause Yellow Spots?

Dog urine is more concentrated than feces, so it is always the culprit of those yellow spots. Dogs will often release small amounts of urine to mark their territory and this contributes to numerous areas all over the yard. The nitrogen ingredient is the problem as it burns the grass. Grass is a delicate balance and too much added nitrogen results in yellowing or sometimes dead grass.

Some pet owners have tried a variety of ways to change the nitrogen levels and force dog urine to be something it isn’t. Vitamins and supplements to alter your dog’s urine are not only not beneficial to your grass, they can actually harm your pet. Increased incidences of kidney stones or infections are shown in dogs with too much added into the diet. Tomato juice has been cited as a possible solution but does produce too much salt intake in the dog’s diet and comes with similar problems.

Other Remedies

There are some things you can do to your live grass to protect it against some of this damage. Grass with deep roots fairs better under too much nitrogen. Tasks you can perform to help your grass form deep roots are:

  • Infrequent watering with longer periods of watering.
  • When you mow the grass, keep it tall. A 3-inch blade will grow a 9-inch root.
  • Aerate your grass to make the soil more loose. This gives the roots more room to grow.
  • Water the areas where your pet urinates immediately after he/she goes.

That Sounds Like Too Much Work…

If this sounds like a lot of work, you can consider other forms of ground coverage. You can choose a ground creeping plant such as creeping Jenny, moss, clover and more. However, many homeowners associations will not allow this and it still requires some work. Pruning and watering will still need to be done. These ground coverings can also bring more pests such as bugs and snakes.

Many homeowners decide to buy fake grass. Artificial grass is a great way to create an almost maintenance-free lawn. No more mowing, fertilizing or watering, no more yellow spots from dog urine. There are many options available if you buy fake grass including colors, sizes and types. There are even pet specific choices that work better to combat any pet urine and feces bacteria. It is a cleaner, easier way of life.

You love your dog so finding a solution that works for everyone is not easy. Looking for something that works for you and for your pet is the answer.

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