Living And Working In Hong Kong For Expats: Wan Chai, Central, and Kowloon

Hong Kong has always been a location in Asia where it is the gate for many international businesses to enter Mainland China and leverage the large consumer population. International companies have long been set up in HK. This setup has attracted many expats and/or foreigners for many years. To top it up, the relatively low tax rate, government and administration stability, and geographic location have made Hong Kong home the ideal work place for expats to join the local companies. The local community would also benefit from the work experience and expertise of the expats in certain industries.

Applying for a work visa for employment in Hong Kong may be troublesome due to the increased employment visa regulations in the recent years. Also more competition may have come through the Mainland China employees or new immigrants. But fortunately there are always still many companies willing to employ foreigners for their expertise in the areas where local HK employees may have lacked.

Once the expat person has landed in Hong Kong, he should be thinking about where he should reside. Most foreigners may have chosen Discovery Bay which is a bit far from the business center/areas. Others may have simply settled for a residence in Central.

Another aspect to consider is where expats would all go in the weekends. Hong Kong is long been a city with both cultures of the East and West. Expats would never have to be too concerned in this aspect. Lan Kwai Fong, Wan Chai, Soho, and a few other places are great destinations for spending the leisure hours. When you are more into nightlife in Hong Kong, a Central residence would be the best choice. It is literally within a few minutes of walking distance to get to Lan KwaiFong. People looking for nightlife tend to be gathering in Hong Kong Island and Lan Kwai Fong. It may be a small place. But the place is the jewel in the party crown. Lan Kwai Fong is full of bars, clubs and restaurants. There is no problem to consume alcohol and you will find the cost is worthy.

Wan Chai may be an old district. But it has the red light district of Hong Kong. You may find the hostess bars along almost the entire Lockhart Road. That is the place to meet to fellow expats and many other people looking for fun. At night times, it is always a party atmosphere. It is an area where you can hear music from bands.

You may want to go across the harbor in other nights. In the Kowloon district, you may be able to a few cocktail drinks in some classy bars with a spectacular view of Hong Kong’s neon light night scene.