5 Things You Didn’t Know About Ethiopia

The world is full of amazing and mysterious places. One such place is Ethiopia that will surprise you as much as you know about the place. It is full of mysterious things. One such mysteries is it is legged behind by 7 years. Yes, it is true. Today, in this blog, we will be talking about many such surprising aspects of the place along with why is Ethiopian calendar behind by 7 years. So, let’s dive deep into the mysterious world of Ethiopia.

5 Amazing Things One Needs To Know About Ethiopia

1.          Thirteen Months In A Year:

While all the countries of the world follow 12 months in a year, Ethiopians abide by 13 months. From the beginning of their civilization, they believe to have more is better and hence, while other nations follow 12 months, Ethiopians are still boasting 13 months in a single year.

2.          7 Years Behind The Calendar:

You must be wondered by knowing that the Ethiopian calendar is lagging behind 7 years. Now it must be going in your mind that why is the Ethiopian calendar behind by 7 years. Well, this is because Ethiopians believe that Jesus was born in 7BC whereas all other countries bestow that on AD1. Hence, you will see the Ethiopian calendar is behind almost by 7-8 years than other parts of the world.

3.          Festive Place:

Ethiopians love to entertain themselves using celebration. This is why you can see numerous festivals that are celebrated by them in much colorful and vibrant ways. They celebrate festivals for almost all occasions like honoring Jesus Christ’s baptism, and many more. All have different customs and ways and the people get entertained in a great way by these festivals.

4.          The Oldest People In The World:

Another interesting fact about Ethiopia is that you will see the oldest people of the world here in this place like Abebe Bikila, Addis Ababa, and the list will continue.

5.          Complete Independence:

It is the only country in Africa that never came under the control of colonialism. When you visit the place, the people will never get tired out of explaining their great struggle again the colonial occupancy in the country for long 6 years.

As more you study about this place, you will get to know more surprising facts about it. Yes, there are hundreds of mysterious things in this place that will perfectly astonish you every time.