Why You Need to Recruit A Car Finance Broker?

Your car can be the next most expensive buy for you after your home. It can certainly be an exciting experience particularly if you are buying a new car. In Australia, often people think that you can simply agree to whatever financing facility is offered by your car dealer, however, that approach may not be the best one.

You may better search on and find a certain car loan broker, who can offer you better guidance about how to finance your car.

What a car broker is?

Your car broker will buy cars for you. Almost like any mortgage broker, your car broker is going to act like a middle man between you and the car seller.

Your car broker will negotiate with the car seller and help you to secure certain discounts. You will no longer be dictated to do whatever a car dealer will ask you to do but there will be a professional in between you and the car seller who understands the process well.

They mostly have their contacts within the circle of insurers, financiers, and wholesale dealers, etc. So, they can make your car buying process more comfortable and smooth. You can choose a suitable car broker from Bleen too.

When you have a car finance broker on your side then you can save your time and energy, and can also find a suitable loan at reduced cost with better features too.

When do you enlist a car broker?

When you have narrowed down your car and model that you want to buy in Australia, you usually hire a car broker after you have test-driven your car. Your broker works with several dealers to discover and negotiate a fair price for the car.

Few brokers may also provide the following services too:

  • Organising your test drives
  • Choosing financing options
  • Insurance
  • Salary packing services

Therefore, if you are buying a car for the first time then a car broker can be very helpful to you. However, typically the core business of any car broker is to engage with your dealership.

How to choose your car broker?

BLEEN can provide you with the details of a number of car brokers in your area. You can read the review about them online and choose one.

A broker, as a financial professional who works with and administers loans on behalf of any consumers, must have at least an Australian Credit Licence.

A car loan broker must always be up-to-date with various laws, policies, and all other developments as a financial counsel to consumers, which he can do through a genuine membership with the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia).

Some brokers also have certification from an older financial organization which is currently known as the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia), which certifies years of renowned competence and experience in delivering financial services to Australians.

All these things are a good sign that your car loan broker will be honest and trustworthy. Also, people will always praise the financial services provided by a good car broker.