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Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Tree for Large Cats

Cat trees provide hours of amusement for cats, which helps prevent boredom. When you have large cats in your home, it’s important for you to find a cat tree that offers enough space and plenty of features to keep them occupied. Keep these tips in mind for choosing the best cat tree for large cats.


Focus on Safety Issues

Cat trees made for smaller cats could easily tip over when larger cats use them. When you’re going through your options for cat trees, make sure you get one with a base that is large enough to provide solid support. The base should be wide enough and durable in order to prevent the cat tree from falling over when your cats are on it.


Think About Height

Cat trees come with different setups in terms of levels or tiers with perches. Keep in mind that some cats would rather be up high, while other cats prefer lounging on perches on lower levels. The best cat tree for large cats should have a few levels at different heights. This helps ensure that your cats have an ideal spot to perch on, whether they like higher or lower levels. Higher levels with perches also provide larger cats with a safe spot to watch birds, squirrels and other critters outside if you put the tree near a window. Instead of climbing on dressers and other furniture that could tip over, they can enjoy convenient views of the outdoors from their cat tree.


Consider Comfort

Larger cats need cat trees with perches that are wide enough for them to fit comfortably on. Your cats should have plenty of room to sprawl out on these perches. Narrow or smaller perches make it difficult for larger cats to do anything but sit down on them. Your cats could also fall off smaller perches, especially if they do try to lie down. When you’re planning to get a cat tree for larger cats, getting one that’s as comfortable as possible for them can help ensure that they use it often.


Look Into Special Features

Some cat trees have a basic design with one or more tiers and perches, while others have extra features for entertainment or relaxation. You can look for a cat tree with toys attached to it, as long as the tree is sturdy enough to support your bigger cats while they’re playing on it. You might also want to look for cat trees with condos for cats to curl up in for a nap. If you get one of these cat trees, you’ll just need to make sure that the condos are spacious enough for larger cats.