Short Term and Long Term Effects of Air Duster Abuse

Inhaling the fumes of air duster causes direct breathing problems which includes a list of suffocations that can be faced.Mostly inhalants works directly on the nervous system. There are variety of effects due to air duster abuse which effects highly to stem cells of your brain.

Short term or long term both effect types are harmful for a person but the difference is the duration of an effect which can lead to majority of diseases and problems.

Short Term Effects of Air Duster Abuse

These are some short basis effects due to inhaling the air duster.

Slurred Speech

The slowness starts occurring in your state of speech and it effects your pronunciation as well.Stammering might also occur shortly.

Form of Dizziness

You start getting drowsy and dizzy at times and immediately after you meet with an intoxication of the air duster.


You start losing interest in things and become less enthusiastic. You can even lack some emotions but for short term basis.


This can also be an immediate result of air dust abuse which gets you unconscious. This can keep on going for a short period of time.

Delusions & Hallucinations

You start hallucinating, things which didn’t happen or exist will be seen to you and delusions can be harmful for existence.

Long Term Effects of Air Duster Abuse

These are some long term effects which goes on for a period of time because of air duster abuse.


The cannibalizing disease of depression is itself an intoxicant for us. Due to air duster abuse we meet with this long going disease sometimes which latch itself and harm us for long.

Muscle Weakness

For a long time you meet with the lack of strength and your muscles gets weak. It gets muscle to falter and slowly it starts weakening.

Hearing Loss

It can also affect your hearing sense. The ability to hear can be reduced slowly if you inhale the air duster. It can also result as a permanent end to your hearing ability.

Diminished Intelligence

Your intelligence level will be reduced as it directly affects the neuro cells of your nervous system. The level of your learning ability will be highly affected.

Memory Impairment

You can also have glitches in your memory box. It can happen rapidly but slowly will increase the memory impairment effects.


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