Have You Been Involved In A Car Accident? Hire The Best Legal Expertise in the Portland Area

Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and at any given point in time. These are accidents that can leave you with disastrous consequences at both the emotional and physical level. For that reason, it is important to have the right set of help at your side when you deal with these issues. The aftermath of your accident will bring unprecedented amounts of financial, medical, and physical turmoil that can overwhelm you if you do not have the assistance of a competent injury attorney.

The truth is that Portland, just like any other major U.S city, deals with a large number of car accidents on average. However, there is a common aspect of all personal injury accidents that also apply to car accidents as well. That main component is widely known to be a factor of negligence perpetrated by the driver who causes the accident in the first place. If that fault is proven, you will be eligible to receive compensation as a form of reparations for your damages.

So, we would like to inform you that the best way to achieve that owed compensation is by seeking the assistance of a Portland car accident lawyer. Your injury attorney will be able to provide you with the necessary skills to have your rights protected. For that reason, we would like you to join us throughout this article where we will talk about: Causes of car accidents, what to do at the accident scene, and how an attorney can help your accident claim. Let’s get down to business!

The Main Causes of Car Accidents in Portland

One of the main triggers of car accidents in Portland is the number of distracted drivers that are on the road every single day. It is an unfortunate reality that exemplifies a lack of responsibility from a grand majority of the driver demographic. People seem to forget the enormous risks that come with getting behind the wheel.

As a result, that same lack of awareness leads to poor decision making that results in dramatic crashes. The problem with distracted driving is that it is an issue that is constantly forewarned by transportation and government officials on its dangers and how to prevent these accidents. The sad reality, however, is that the general population tends to omit this information. The most common causes for distracted driving include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol,

  • Driving tired,

  • Inexperience,

  • Text and driving,

  • Emotional driving.

What To Do At The Accident Scene

As we mentioned, the immediate aftermath of a potential accident will be undoubtedly shocking and traumatic. If you have already suffered one, you are definitely aware of this. Nonetheless, there are several steps that can be taken to minimize the unfortunate consequences of your impact:

  • The first step to take is to make sure that you receive vital medical attention, especially if you believe that your injuries are severe. If you are able to call medical help do so immediately and if not, call out for help and ask someone to do that for you.

  • Following that, try your absolute best to make sure that you are able to jot down the contact information of the party at fault that caused the incident in the first place. Their provided information will help you when you begin to compile your personal injury case. This would include:

  1. Legal name,
  2. Date of birth,
  3. Vehicle license plate number,
  4. License number,
  5. Insurance company carrier.

  • After gathering that information, you must call the police so that they can assess the situation and write down an official report of the accident. Written information always backs up your claim, hence why it is important to make sure that the accident report is completed and that you get a copy of it.

  • Take photographs of your physical injuries as well as the damages caused to your vehicle. Equally as important, try to gather any witness accounts of the accident. Lastly, begin to research a competent car accident attorney that can take your case.

Hire A Car Accident Lawyer in Portland

  • An expert car accident attorney will be able to effectively protect your rights by swiftly gathering the necessary evidence that will bring you the compensation you’re entitled to. By doing so, they will compile a thorough investigation of the incident which in turn will back up your argument with factual evidence. This is because photographs of your injuries are not enough to win a case. However, by hiring an accident attorney, your chances of attaining compensation will exponentially rise.

  • Your car accident attorney will have the ability to request the accident report in hopes of fully assessing the important details. Oftentimes, these reports have some mistakes that can compromise the validity of your claim. By comparing that information to the witness accounts and toxicology reports provided by medical experts, your chances of compensation can increase.

  • Your injury lawyer has a vast amount of experience in handling cases similar to yours. They know how to talk to the insurance companies and will not allow them to undermine your potential claim. Similarly, they will be able to make sure that your case goes to court if needed. By the time it does go to court, the factual evidence will propel you to victory. That my friends, is something that only a car accident attorney can provide for you.

Get Represented Right Away!

The following information was brought to you by the most expert lawyers in the Portland area. These are trained legal experts that are empathetic and understanding of your accident. They understand the physical and mental anguish that you have undoubtedly been subjected to. Having said that, you now know that by hiring an injury attorney, you will receive the reparations that you are entitled to. You do not need to suffer endlessly, there is a solution!

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