Everything You Need To Know About Marked Cards

Since the time poker has been introduced, people have tried different ways to win. To win a game of poker requires skills and strategy. The truth is not everyone has the right set of skills or knowledge to win poker. This is where the need for shortcut winning methods like marked cards comes into the picture.

The idea of marked cards is not new. People used to mark cards even in the past. The only thing that has changed is the style of marking. Today, we have advanced technologies using which we can mark poker cards easily. If you wish to know more about marked cards then you should read the text given below.

What Are Marked Cards?

Marked cards are poker cards that carry some sort of markings on the back or the sides of the card. This helps the player to identify the card. They make use of invisible ink to mark the cards so that it is not visible with naked eyes.

To identify these cards on the table, you need special lenses or sunglasses which are particularly meant for this purpose. With the use of marked cards, you can increase your chances of winning.

What Are The Ways Of Marking Cards?

There is more than one way of marking poker cards. Out of which the use of invisible ink is considered to be the most advanced option. The other marking techniques that are used include:

  1. Block-Out

In this method, the same colour is used to cover some of the patterns on the back of the cards. For example, you can use a simple ink pen to block a flower petal.

  1. Tinting

This method is similar to block-out however, they still differ from each other. In this case, light colour is used to mark the petals of the flower.

  1. Cut-Out

This is yet another efficient way of marking poker cards. In this method, you either or cut-out something from the back of the card. This is done with the help of a razor.

  1. Invisible Ink

Lastly, we have invisible ink which can only be seen with special contact lenses or sunglasses. The ink is put on the back of the card so that the players can identify the card.

The use of marked cards in the game is not fair. But it is still used to enhance the chances of winning.

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