Bouncy Seed APK

I am pretty sure that you are searching for new games each and every day to spend your leisure time happily and with lot of fun. So, for the game fans let me tell you about another interesting game for your Android. That is the Bouncy Seed APK. A nice game to have in your Android.

This game available for free download on all major Android app stores like Play Store, AC Market and Aptoide. Therefore, installing this game on your device will not be a problem. Game with good graphics need more RAM for smooth play. If your device is old and does not have enough RAM don’t worry. You can use memory booster, game booster application like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, CCleaner, AVG cleaner and etc. There are plenty of such applications. Try your favorite.

About the game

I can feel this game as a very calm game. We can play this game very easily. The only thing we have to do id to draw the trampolines which allow the seed to bounce. If I elaborate more, I can say like this. There is a small friend. The name is Paul. But our little friend is a seed. This seed wants to go somewhere away from its home. For that journey you have to help the little Paul. The seed is bouncing up from the trampolines you are drawing. You must be very wise when drawing these trampolines. Because if you miss to draw a line then the seed will fall on the ground and then will germinate.

Along the journey there are some sunlight points. You have to collect them too. Because we all know that for a seed to germinate there should be sunlight. So, collect as much as possible sunlight points along the journey. The way you draw your trampoline will greatly help you in this aspect of collecting the sunlight points. 

As mentioned already it is better if you can go far from the home. There are some birds flying in the sky while you are moving. If you hit a bird you are lucky. You get a high power can move a longer distance at once. 

As well you can hit rainbows also which offers the seed with immense power. But be care about the challenges and obstacles too. It is more fun when there are some obstacles to overcome. So, here in this game you have to overcome some obstacles like winds, storms and so on. Help your little seed to reach the place where he loves. 

Features of the game

The game is free to download from your Google Play Store or from any other third-party app store. 

The background sounds of the game are very charming and I am sure that you will love it very much. And of course, I love the cute voice of the seed too. It is really nice game and the popularity of the game is higher all around the world. 

It is really a relaxing game. the graphics of the game is very simple but very attractive. The mechanics of the game is also very simple and nice.

Enjoy this game at any time you like. When you feel bored try this. I am sure that you can be calm and relax if you are going to play this to release your stress.

You can play nice games like this on bigger screens for more entertainment. You can use play store TV to download games you like. There are other options like for Android phones. They are Filelinked and Aptoide TV. Those are the best available alternatives for Android TV play store application.

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