When You Can get NOA and What To Do There

The Notice of Assessment is a crucial piece of paper when it comes to remitting your income taxes to the Singaporean government. The Notice of Assessment is a vital piece of paper for this reason. We have learned that the Inland Income Authority of Singapore (IRAS) provides a Notice of Assessment (NOA) to both individuals and businesses about revenue for the purpose of tax processing.

This article will begin by outlining the purpose of the income tax notice of assessment, followed by a detailed breakdown of the application procedure and the ensuing notice. Reading this will prepare you for what is ahead of you.

Exactly what does it imply when someone says they have received a “Notice of Assessment” (NOA)?

The Notice of Assessment (NOA)? is a form that is drafted by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. All individuals and businesses in Singapore must pay their taxes using this form. In essence, it details your chargeable income and the corresponding amount of matching tax due to the IRAS.

Soon after your most recent individual income tax return has been filed and sent, you should get a Notice of Assessment (NOA). Typically, the IRAS will verify the supplied information and begin sending out tax bills in both digital and paper versions by the end of April.

But keep in mind that there are really four types of Notices of Assessment that may be received from the IRAS in connection with corporate income tax returns:

Type 1 Notice of Deficiency

This form is prepared once your company has submitted its Estimated Chargeable Income for the relevant tax year.

A Notice of Default (NOA) Type 2 will be issued by the IRAS if the company’s Estimated Chargeable Income is not filed within three months of the end of the financial year, if the Form C and Form C-S are not submitted by the IRAS deadline, or if the declared Estimated Chargeable Income is too low. Any time one of the following occurs, you will get this notification: Furthermore, this kind of communication for advance tax assessments is produced by the IRAS.

  • The IRAS will generate the NOA Type 3 for your business once you have submitted both the Form C and Form C-S.
  • When the IRAS has completed its assessment of your company’s chargeable income and the related necessary tax amounts, it will issue a NOA Type 4 as the final notice. Don’t forget that you have two months from the day the document was issued to file a formal objection.
  • In addition to the tax bill, these Notices of Assessment also include how to make the required payment. In addition to settlement dates, you may also find out how and when taxes need to be paid.

Moreover, while we’re on the topic, the IRAS prefers that tax payments be made through telegraphic transfer, cashier’s order, check, NETS, online banking, GIRO, or cash. The deadline paper for the NOA suggests this should be done within a month. A late payment penalty of up to five percent of the entire amount of taxes payable may be assessed if they are not paid on time. For Accounting & Taxation Packages you can choose the best services.

Relevance of the NOA

The Income Tax Notice of Assessment (NOA) in Singapore functions very similarly to an invoice. The IRAS will send you a tax bill detailing the settlement, including the amount payable and the dates by which it is due, after it has completed processing the details of your reported income.