When should you go for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Everyone wants a loving smile without any dental flaws. This has given cosmetic dentistry popularity in recent years. There has been advancement in dental technology today to make it more effective. Though the advancement in cosmetic dentistry is happening, still not all circumstances ask for this treatment. To guide you about the situations when you should do cosmetic dentistry we have prepared this blog with Gladstone family dentist. Read along and get the right treatment done.

Discolored Teeth:

Discoloration is a common reason for people picking up cosmetic dentistry. Discoloration refers to teeth getting stained from a variety of sources like tea, coffee, red wine, smoking, or any other medicines. With the help of professionals, the discoloration can be removed, resulting in a brighter and more youthful experience. Some use over-the-counter whitening products as well for the result.

Cracked Teeth:

Accidents can happen that might result in cracking your teeth. This affects your smile and also impacts the functionality of the teeth. You can do cosmetic dentistry here like dental bonding or veneers to strengthen and repair the damaged teeth.

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Gaps between Teeth

Diastemas is a situation where there are gaps between teeth. People get self-conscious about the gaps. Orthodontics is an option here but cosmetic dentistry is a quicker alternative. With the help of cosmetic dentistry, the gaps can be effectively closed and create a uniform smile.

Change in Size of Teeth:

There can be a case where people are not satisfied with their teeth’ shape. Either they have unequal teeth sizes or are too small or large. It can be reshaped using veneers or dental crowns. With cosmetic dentistry, the size of the teeth can be easily repaired and with the help of a dental professional, it can be very finely resolved.

Missing Tooth:

Missing teeth sometimes enhance confidence and oral health. This is an emergency situation to have cosmetic dentistry surgery. Treatments like dental implants, dentures, and bridges offer the best solution here. Among all dental implants, they serve as a long-lasting solution.


Cosmetic dentistry is an option but in some situations, it is a compulsion. Situations like damaged or missing teeth, and discoloration ask for professional treatment because it is directly linked to boosting your confidence. If you are in such a situation it is highly recommended to consult with the dental experts and get the best cosmetic treatment done.

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