Timeless Time Pieces for every watch lover

Since the turn of the last century, blancpain fifty fathoms and time pieces have been considered coveted fashion accessories. In the era gone by, owing of a time piece was considered a status symbol. One had to be really high up in the economical hierarchy to be able to own and flaunt a beautifully crafted time piece. It is for this very reason that to this day, antique and rare watches, both pocket and wrist, are sold for very large sums of money at international auctions.

For both men and women, watches are no longer a mere tool to tell time. They are almost as important as a piece of jewellery that maybe worn. They are crafted to complement the outfit.

A group of trekkers are planning a trip to the highlands and while each small and big detail is meticulously planned, the high tech wrist watch is also top on the list of must haves. This watch will have almost all the added features that the trekkers will require while hiking. In addition to telling time, it will also include a compass, thermometer, calculator, torch, distance and height calculator and will also be greatly water resistant, making it a must have gadget.

Now picture dressing up for a wedding reception. One is dressed in all her fineries. The look is complete with the perfect hairdo, make up and clothes. The jewellery you chose to wear will be carefully chosen to compliment your formal evening gown. Imagine wearing a big chunky sports watch with a huge dial and loud garish colours. This watch would be one you may opt to wear while working out at the gym or for a day at the beach. What your formal attire requires is a dainty and yet stunning watch that looks more like a jewelled bracelet adorning your wrist. A feminine, simple, artistically crafted and bejewelled time piece is what fits best with this outfit. Metallic colours of gold, silver, rose gold and bronze are some of the most popular options in the formal evening wear range.  The dial usually is made of mother of pearl with delicately set crystals and other precious or semi-precious stones.

For the formal work attire, one would need a time piece that exudes charm and sophistication yet it commands respect and sets an aura of class and respect. To ensure that the watch fulfils all these expectations sleek watches with metallic or leather belts is what is most suited. This style works well for both men and women because one can rarely go wrong with formal elegant choices.