Keys To Improve Your Photography With Drones

Commercial drones are essentially aerial cameras as they have been primarily designed for photography and video. Although the basic principles of photography are applied in the same way in aerial drone photography poughkeepsie ny, the introduction of a new dimension offers us immense creative possibilities.

Below, we will see a series of concepts and techniques that will help you exponentially increase the quality of your aerial photography with drones. Check out

  1. Learn The Secrets Of Photographic Composition From The Air

There is a type of framing that is unique to aerial photography; the zenith perspective, also known as a bird’s-eye view. It can only be obtained from the air. There is no other way.

However, the principles of photographic composition are the same from the air as from the ground. The key lies in knowing how to identify those elements that, from the air, are essential pieces of a balanced and visually attractive composition.

  1. Learn To See The World From The Air

Aerial photography introduces us to a three-dimensional world, in which the third dimension is height. On land, as photographers, we are trained to see the world in two dimensions. We can zoom in or out of the subject, or change the perspective.

From the air, height represents a completely new dimension. It means that we have to train our eye to see the world from a new perspective. Visit

  1. Learn Digital Aerial Development In Lightroom

As most photographers know, digital development (from RAW files) is a key phase in the entire photographic process, to obtain quality photographs. Varying a single parameter in Lightroom can enhance an image without visual interest.

For this reason, to achieve a higher level of quality in your aerial photographs, it is essential to learn these techniques in Lightroom or any digital development program of your choice. The difference is abysmal. Believe me, there is a before and after in the quality of a photographer’s photographic production when he begins to develop his photos digitally.