How to package wooden furniture

Wooden furniture parts such as cupboard parts, office parts and bed are dismantled.

As well as various pieces of wood and converted into parts so that it can be wrapped by the paper for the process of packaging furniture, which is cardboard.

The paper is then securely attached to the Soltepama plaster in case any parts of these pieces emerge after being wrapped with paper.

Foam is used by applying it to the prominent parts so that you do not get any damage or scratches during the transfer of the furniture, as the maintenance and safety of the furniture is essential.

How are mirrors and glass encapsulated

Glass parts represent a great risk during the process of moving furniture because they are easily broken.

They are often important and necessary pieces for every home and family, such as mirrors, niche glass, and bedroom glass.

These parts must be taken care of during the furniture packaging process and are covered with cork pieces.

Cork is placed on glass pieces from all directions.

After this stage is over, it will be wrapped again using special bags of Bubbles.

This is so that it is distinguished from the rest of the parts that are transferred during the transfer of luggage.

How to packaging antiques and antiques

Antiques packaging process needs special care because they are expensive pieces and prone to breakage.

Also, there are pieces of rare antiques and antiques that are difficult to replace again if they happen and subject to any breakage or scratch during the process of moving the furniture.

As for the materials of these masterpieces, they vary between metal and glass, as well as crystal, which are fragile materials that do not bear any injuries.

So it is wrapped with bubble bags and wrapped in a good way to protect it.

Then it is placed inside the carton boxes, and these boxes are put liner under it, and this is one of the best ways to package furniture.

These pieces are placed over the lining, so as not to be damaged or scratched during the transfer of furniture and furniture.

It is also customary for furniture packaging companies to place each piece of these antiques and antiques in a special box for each piece.

This helps to increase safety and to preserve these precious pieces that are transported.

If you find problems in the process of moving furniture, if you have a concern about furniture and valuable parts that are subject to breakage and scratching, there are a lot of problems and risks that you face when moving your furniture that may harass you, here are some solutions that help you avoid these problems:

Some of these difficulties and the best available solutions:

1 – One of the biggest problems facing the transfer of luggage is the chaos and lack of organization of the transfer process. The idea of organizing facilitates the transfer process and makes it very simple and smooth, meaning that placing furniture pieces in cartons with a paper to identify the contents of the carton and specific to any room, this behavior reduces the loss of some pieces Or reduce the search for a piece and put a mark on the cartons that contain breakable pieces in order to be careful while carrying them, this is an easy and not exhausting way, but it will facilitate the matter a lot and make it more organized and more accomplished.

2 – The process of dismantling and installing furniture is a difficult process for some people, as some furniture are not easy to disassemble, while others may be subject to breakage when dismantling due to the poor type of wood, so care must be taken when dismantling or completing the dismantling and installation process by specialists.

3 – There are some pieces of furniture that have a large amount of glass, which makes it difficult when transporting for fear of being broken, and therefore it is advised to unscrew the pieces of glass and wrap well and be moved individually in order to avoid exposure to breakage.

4 – When transporting large devices and electrical tools, they are wrapped in a good way, and from these examples, the refrigerator is transported vertically and with great caution so that no deformation or damage to the cooling cycle occurs with it.

5 – The process of downloading and lifting the luggage is considered one of the most difficult stages in which a lot of scratches and fractures occur, due to the removal of the luggage from the stairs and doors, which makes it exposed to many risks and confirmed scratches that are difficult to fade except by greening a winch specialized in lifting and lowering the luggage in order to ensure Safety of luggage.

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