Establishing a real estate company in Dubai
Real Estate

Establishing a real estate company in Dubai

Real estate investments are a recognized long-term investment in Dubai. Dubai is a hub for real estate investors. Investment returns are safe in Dubai in spite of downtime and falling property prices.

The hotel real estate market is an investment area that is considered a profitable real estate investment in Dubai.

Start a real estate company in Dubai

After Start real estate business in Dubai must follow certain procedures and requirements. These are units that concern the buying, selling, and renting of apartments, villas, townhouses, commercial buildings, etc. in the UAE.

Real estate agency – Suitable corporate structures in Dubai

  • A real estate company can be set up in one of the following corporate structures:
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability company
  • Partnership
  • Establishing a free zone

 A certificate from the Real Estate Regulatory Authority is required to broker goods, businesses, or individuals (RERA) from the Dubai Land Department.

The real estate license and broker registration number are issued after attending a RERA course.

How do I get a real estate license in Dubai?

Real estate is a potential business category in the UAE. It is a key industry that contributes to the UAE’s economy.

  • The Dubai Property Management License can be applied for from Dubai Economy.
  • Contracts with cleaning, maintenance, and security companies
  • Administration of real estate requirements providers
  • Covering real estate agency contracts and more.
  • Participation Agreements for Various Real Estate Business Licenses

 If the investor wishes to open an LLC company in the UAE for a real estate management advisory business license, 51% of the shares in the company must be owned by UAE nationals.

For a real estate agency, 100% of the property remains in the United Arab Emirates to protect the investor’s rights.

The United Arab Emirates Trade Law and RERA, the regulator of the Dubai Land Department, aim to provide complete security for investors.

The real estate brokerage business comprises a large number of transactions. To reduce the risk of foreign investors running away with large sums of money and abusing the license, the UAE citizen is given full control (100% ownership). Dubai Business License

The investor becomes the manager of the company and full control of the company is in the hands of the UAE citizen.

For expatriates and foreign investors, a professional business license can be obtained from a free zone and a company can be set up without any problems.

Work with an experienced business consultant in the United Arab Emirates to register your property management business. Brokerage is one of the most popular among them.

Real estate brokerage in the United Arab Emirates comprises two different groups: real estate leasing and real estate buying and selling brokerage.

The function of real estate brokerage is to act as a liaison between owners and tenants in relation to renting the property against the amount.

Buying and selling mediation is the purchase of real estate between owners and buyers.

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