Different Types of Upholstery Fabrics

Different Types of Upholstery Fabrics

Upholstery fabric is a magical fabric. From different patterns to different textures, different designs to different colors, to different types, there is something for everybody. Upholstery fabric is very difficult to nail. Upholstery fabric can make or break the vibe of the room and ties the whole room together.

Getting the right upholstery fabric is extremely important. There are a lot of factors one should keep in mind while selecting the ideal upholstery fabric. Upholstered fabric furniture is lengthened furniture that is always enclosed in fabric. It has a wooden or steel frame over which cushioning and springs are attached.

You can find upholstery fabric drawing room or living room chairs, dining chairs, single, double-seater, or triple-seater sofas, couches, etc. You can find suitable upholstered fabric furniture for your house, no matter which area of your house you are furnishing.

Types of upholstery


Leather is one of the most popular and commonly used upholstery fabrics used around the globe. Extremely durable and high-quality leather lasts up to 5 years. It is also chemical resistant and spills.

Leather doesn’t get dusty and dirtier with time like linen or cotton due to the warmth exuded by people’s bodies and the dirt on their clothes. It is not necessary that dirt particles visible to the naked eye. It also doesn’t absorb different smells like the smell of perfume or smoke.


Cotton is another widely used upholstery fabric. It is a sustainable, breathable, and 100% naturally occurring fabric. Upholstery cotton fabric is an extremely versatile, durable, and cost-effective fabric and it can resist abrasion. It is easily dyeable, making it easier to find in any choice of design and color out there and the fabric is so light and breathable, making it ideal for daily use. 


Silk upholstery fabric has been around for a long time. Silk upholstery fabric is being used by royals families for their furniture, table mats, curtains, bedsheets, chair covers, etc. People use the same thing but it’s classic designs and styles. Silk as upholstery fabric is one of the most desirable fabrics out there. Silk fabric adds a glamour, royal, and luxurious look to any interior setting and looks effortlessly beautiful. Its elegant, decent, and antique appearance gives it an edge over other fabrics.


Velvet is one of the most royal, luxurious, and extravagant, it is an easy and upholstery fabric to work with, unlike popular and famous belief. The fact is that it has no loose threads, or raised weaves, and has a flat pile similar to a rug weave. It makes it almost impossible for the fabric to snag.


Linen is one of our reliable and favorite fabrics. It is very durable, easily dries, and absorbs faster than cotton and it is a textile made from the fiber of the flax plant. It is one of the most common fabrics that exist in the world. The most admirable and high quality of this fabric is that it is eco-friendly.