Top 500 Logo, Buisness Cards, Textures, and font Designs of 2015

Finding a creative and unique concept for new logos is kind of hard thing to do so we have decided to make it easy and here at Ghank we are going to share some creative logo concepts/ideas for your inspiration to make the job easy for you. Not only logos we are sharing business cards concepts with font designs of 2015.

Best logo design ideas of 2015 for your inspiration

Logo is identification of any firm and represents brands of company. Color, font, size of logo etc must be perfect for master piece design of logo. Professional designer are able to prepare best design of logo in adobe Photoshop. In the past every designing work with done manually. Adobe Photoshop, Coral draw are best software for designer.

We are showing you clever logo designs of 2015 based on initials. In it designer and customer prefer company name and according to company brands they create logo for it. Trademark of company  plays vital role in people so that’s why companies spend  huge amount on it. Typographic, minimal logos are also famous in community. Coca Cola and IBM introduced with people and have honor of oldest logo in world. 

I compiled 35 clever logo designs for our visitors. I hopeful one and all love our article. All logos are inspiration and creative. You can get idea if you are also looking for logo design. Remember don’t duplicate or copy any logo just see and get idea. Share with friends they will glad to see too. I am waiting for your respectful feedback.  

Below you will find some examples of new logo designs 2015 and you will love them.


 Art Farm

Fast Top

 Spiriti & Sapori

 The Color Cure

 Six Degrees



 Approx Art

 Parsons Designs

 Beat Fettish

 Dirtek Designs

 Side Winders

Welwer Flower Boutique

 Textile For You


 Garden Bar

 Modern Art

 Jonah Grant




 Riding Bicycle

Love Clip


 Silk Skin


 White Crimson

 Catch Motion

 Cloud 9

 Creative Design

30+ Top PSD Logo Designs 2015

Logo can be a simple text, a combination of colors or symbols that represent corporation. Purpose of symbol is  to attract public and creating market of product in community. If you’re well reputed company then lots of haters and new companies try to copy your design logo that is facsimile yours. When customer sees your mark on product then he/she recognizes company name with ease. Well known companies registered their ‘trademark’ to government copyrights department. If any new organization violates terms and tries to copy your mark that will be fined.

In 1870s, Bass red triangle is first logo introduced. Now millions of designs and symbols have been created and every organization have their own. Complex logo is difficult to understand for common person due to complex design and extra usage of colors. In modern century, logo designing in 2015 is very complicated work and lot of experience and advance skills are required to design without any error. Picking of colors, symbol design is very important and not neglect able in logo designing. Coca cola, IBM, Pepsi, Mtv, Nokia, D&G, addidas etc are eminent registered trademarks.

Today In this article you will find out 30 PSD logo designs of 2015 and optimist you will find interesting this effort. You can edit these files in Adobe Photoshop and design inspirational logo for your corporation If you glad to see then you’ll please to watch other articles.


 Free Logo Mockups 2015

logo designs


logo designs


logo designs

Evo Nutrition

logo designs

CSS-3 Logo 2015

logo designs

Sweetening Lives Forever

logo designs

Sample #1

logo designs

Deviant Art

logo designs

Dummy Company

Free Logo Templates

Logo Sample

Free Logo Templates


Free Logo Templates


Free Logo Templates


Free Logo Templates

Free Logo

Free Logo Templates

Black Shield

Free Logo Templates

  Group Logo

PSD Logo

High Resolution MBLAQ

PSD Logo

TH Design

PSD Logo

Infinity Talk

PSD Logo

Iraq Freedom

PSD Logo

Lions Initiative

PSD Logo

Cute Symbol

PSD Logo

Space Age

Free Logos

Vector Resource

Free Logos


Free Logos

Decent Idea Of Trademark

Free Logos

Colorful Egg PSD

Free Logos


Free Logos


Free Logos

Sony Ericsson

Business Logo

Green & Grey Style

Business Logo


Business Logo

Winster Logo

Business Logo

Corporate Business Logo

Business Logo

Free PSD Logo

Business Logo

30 Simplistic, Minimal and Inspirational Fashion Logos 2015

Fashion logo consists on symbol that has fashion and stylish object in it. D&G, VL, NIKE, BOSS, GUCCI etc are well-recognized organizations. Straightforward design and basic colors are chosen in designing of logo 2015. Fashion is changing day by day so companies are also introducing fresh logo after a few years. Public is bored to observe single symbol each time. Everyone can’t capable to understand complex design. Online free ideas of symbols also obtainable on internet.  Just download it and write corporation name below and make it official logo. First of all company say to designer which type of logo they required. After it designers provide ideas of logo and prepare initial design of symbol. If company thinks it is good one then they inform the company then it is the final symbol of company.

Lot of skill, patience and experience necessary for designing good logo. Logo is a graphical work that represents organization, company, office or bank etc. One and all companies have their registered symbol that represents company and value of product in market.  Designing a perfect logo is very critical for beginners and only experienced can make a suitable symbol for you. Selection of colors, text, and size of logo and design of icon is important things for designers that create logo.

Minimal logos are very popular in nowadays due to simplify Here you will find out showcase of fashion logos 2015 and glad to visit. If you find this article interesting then share it with friends and give us feedback.

Fashion Look

Fashion Logo

Preech Clothing

Fashion Logo

Pure Fashion

Fashion Logo

Jewels Lounge

Fashion Logo


Fashion Logo

Life 4 Style

Fashion Logo

Seven Vogue

Fashion Logo

Fressia Design

Fashion Logo

Fashion Faces

Fashion Logo

Orange Logo

Fashion Logo

Louis Vuitton

Fashion Logo


Fashion Logo

Ladies Accessories

Fashion Logos

Pink Salon

Fashion Logos

Fashion Logo

Fashion Logos


Fashion Logos


Fashion Logos

Butterfly Design

Fashion Logos

Dolce & Gabbana

Fashion Logos


Fashion Logos


Fashion Logos

Idea Of Logo

Fashion Logos

Eco Fashion Logo

Fashion Company Logo


Fashion Company Logo

Dona Santa

Fashion Company Logo

Casual Fashion

Fashion Company Logo

Lovely Image

Fashion Company Logo

Raya Fashion

Fashion Company Logo


Fashion Company Logo

40 Astonishing Free Vintage And Retro Designing Fonts 2015

Choosing the right type of font to use on a website or on your design is more important than you may think. It’s often seen that the value of a great font is often overlooked by those involved in the creation process. For some reason, Font selection has become an afterthought in today’s graphic design process and it seems that people have forgotten how much a font can actually say about the image you are trying to depict. The right font can change the mood and message of an entire piece. Fonts are amazingly powerful at communicating a design aesthetic, message and the spirit of your brand or product.

Well, what is actually a font? A font is a set of printable or displayable text character s in a specific style and size. The type design for a set of fonts 2015 is the typeface and variations of this design from the typeface family. Fonts are actually the building block of typography and typography is indeed the building block of the design. As you know there is a field known as Graphology that is based on the belief that our handwriting gives a lot about our persona and character, likewise the world has gone all digital now and it’s quite safe to say that font depicts a lot about the design’s mood and logic.

The choice of font is so important; picking the right one can make all the difference in readability, mood and message of design. More than anything else, fonts are capable of conveying particular moods such as happy and fun, or formal and somber etc

The use of retro and vintage themes in design is very popular even now, so it’s always good to have a big font 2015 collection. Retro is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode, or fashion, from the overall post-modern past, that has since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again. The use of “retro” style iconography and imagery interjected into post-modern art, advertising, mass media, etc. It generally implies a vintage of at least 15 or 20 year. Whereas, vintage is referred as something old or outmoded.

Although picking the right font is an art itself, here we handpicked 40 beautiful and stylish free retro and vintage fonts for your font library. Enjoy downloading these fonts!

Bellerose Font

Bellerose Vintage And Retro Fonts

Carnivalee Font

Carnivalee Vintage And Retro Fonts

Day Poster Font

Day-Poster Vintage And Retro Fonts

Diner Regular Font

Diner Vintage And Retro Fonts

Dymaxian Script Font

Dymaxion Script Vintage And Retro Fonts

Fletcher Gothic Font

Fletcher-Gothic Vintage And Retro Fonts

Forty Second Font

Forty-Second-Street Vintage And Retro Fonts

Sesame Font

Sesame Vintage And Retro Fonts

Star Avenue Font

Star-Avenue free retro fonts

Tall Deco Font

Tall-Deco free retro fonts

Grogy Font

Grogy free retro fonts

Airstream Font

Airstream free retro fonts

Andese Font

Andes free retro fonts

Ardmador Font

Bazar, Medium free retro fonts

Deftone Stylus Font

Deftone Stylus free retro fonts

Kilogram Font

Kilogram free vintage fonts

Pompadour Numerals Font

POMPADOUR NUMERALS free vintage fonts

Riesling Font

Riesling free vintage fonts

StudBaker Font

STUDEBAKER free vintage fonts

Titania Font

Titania free vintage fonts

White Rabbit Font

White Rabbit free vintage fonts

Eight One Font

Eight One free vintage fonts

Kelvinized Font

Kelvinized free vintage fonts

LT Oksana Font

LT Oksana 4.0 free vintage fonts

Minotaur Font

MINOTAUR free font

Minstrel Poster Font


My Underwood Font

My Underwood free font

Please show me love Font

Please Show Me Love free font

Stony Island Font

Stony Island free font

Super Metro M54 Font

Super Retro M54 free font

Truskey Font

Truskey free font

Angel Tears Font

ANGEL TEARS free font

Caribean Tool Font


Echo Design Font

Echo Deco free font

Ed Gein Font

Ed Gein free font

Glove Font

Glove free font

Governor Font

GOVERNOR retro fonts

Matchbook Font

Matchbook retro fonts

Nashville Font

Nashville retro fonts

Rocket Script 

Rocket Script retro fonts

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to read the author’s notes and the license of each font before using them in your designs.

7 Ridiculous Mistakes made by logo designer

For promotion of your brand or any specific product you need to design a logo to reflect your product in the market. Designing logo would be a difficult task for a designer to symbolize the product in a good shape. The logo on your product is essential for the promotion of your business. In this article we will figure out some important issues while creating logos for a specific product.

If we talk about designing logos so we can say that every one cannot design an impressive logo. One of the simplest ways to promote your business is to provide a unique logo. Creating a unique logo isn’t that easy as it looks. The sense of creating logo should be well while designing by a particular person. Many designers made a significant mistake and blunders while designing a logo. The  logo should represent the nature of the item or product of your business. Though millions of logos of the products are really fascinating but there is bad part as well.


Too complex

The problem while designing a logo is to use complex fonts. The designer should try to avoid such fonts that are not understandable for  a layman. Several new designers try to complicate their logos by adding scores of detail, too several words, tag lines etc.  Keep it straightforward. You’ll be a lot of unforgettable.

Too decorative and showy

For the foremost part, you must avoid excessive bevel, shadows, textures, filters. This may permit your emblem to be used across several mediums.

Planning For Yourself instead of The Client

You will typically spot this emblematic style seen a mile away; the cause is typically a designer’s huge ego. If you’ve got to find a cool new font that you just can’t wait to use in a very stylized, well… don’t. Raise yourself if that font is actually applying for the business you’re planning for?. Stay centered on the client’s necessities by projecting to the transient.

Clip art

This can be merely taking the simple answer. Produce an original design for your business and that they can thanks.



This can be one among the foremost common tips around for making logos. Check that your shopper will scale their emblem. Most logos ought to be used in something from an enormous signboard to a 16px sq.

Bad combination of colors

keep in mind, inexperienced tends to replicate eco-friendly corporations, red and inexperienced means that Christmas and pink are nearly invariably for ladies. Try and match the colors to your audience.

Copies Others

This is that the biggest emblem style mistake of all and, sadly, is turning into a lot of and a lot of common. As mentioned, the aim of an emblem is to represent a business. If it’s constant as somebody else’s, it’s unsuccessful in this regard. Repeating others will nobody any favors, neither the shopper nor the designer.

With the facility of the net, and additional eyes observance than ever, it’s vital for a business to speak its distinctive message clearly. The best way to distinguish your business from others is by its Logo

30 Free Eroded Fonts 2015 to Improve Design Looks

Font is the essential thing for website design which is not neglectable to attract audience. It can grab many daily visitors if your blog font and look feel is attractive. Picking right design of font is very tough task. Eroded typeface commonly used with grunge backgrounds for showing rough look. Bold and larger size writing is used for heading and plain simple font for description. Choosing right design for you website is not an  easy task.

There are thousand types of fonts. Everyone has dissimilar choice to other, If your blog theme is eye-catching but combination of font is bad then you can’t market your product as an enhanced product. Proper size, design is necessary for attracting audience. Unlimited free fonts are available on internet so if you like anyone then use it for web, business card, posters etc.

If you’re finding some beautiful collection of fonts 2015 at one place so you’re on right spot. Here we present a collection of Eroded Fonts 2015 and I’m optimistic that you all would be glad and will appreciate me on my struggle. Don’t forget to share it with friends. If this article is helpful for you kindly give us feedback.

 Trash-co Font

download free fonts

Scratch Font

download free fonts

 SA Eroded Heart

download free fonts

Melt Factory

download free fonts

Erosion Font

download free fonts

Inter Fade

download free fonts

Admiration Pains

download free fonts

Bleeding Cowboys

Eroded Fonts Free

Beyond Sky

Free Fonts

Gun Slinger

Eroded Fonts Free

Tosca Z

Eroded Fonts Free

Sticky Things

Eroded Fonts Free

Crack Vetica

Eroded Fonts Free

Birth Of A Hero

Eroded Fonts Free

Wild Scratch

Eroded Fonts Free

Buy More

Grunge Fonts

Broken Ghost

Grunge Fonts


Free Fonts


Free Fonts


Free Fonts

 Ambulance Shotgun

Free Fonts

 Alpha Echo

Free Fonts

 Airmole Antique

Free Fonts

 After Shock

Free Fonts

 Acid Label

Free Fonts

 Acid Dreamer

Fancy Fonts

 Imagination Station

Fancy Fonts

106 Beats That

Fancy Fonts

 Old Printing Press

Fancy Fonts


Fancy Fonts

 Subway Novella

Fancy Fonts


Eroded Fonts Free

Cocaine Sans

Eroded Fonts Free

Got Heroin?

Eroded Fonts Free

Survival Horror

Eroded Fonts Free

Ultimate Midnight

Eroded Fonts Free

Top 35 PSD Business Card Designs 2015

Business card is prepared from hard paper and giver’s name, company name, contact number and logo of company is printed on it. Card represents any organization and information about it. Every organization and individual has different kind of cards but mostly simple white background with black text is so common in community. In these days there are a lot of designs and colors are available in market and you can able to make beautiful texture card. In current century, Email address take place of business card but good eye-catching cards designs are still make place in market and people heart.   

Business cards in 2015 are prepared from different materials like PVC, High quality card are prepared from good paper/card etc. In the past, designers had few sample cards and make manually but now adobe Photoshop, corel draw and other softwares are used for this purpose. That person always remember about his meeting with you. if your card design is good then it leave a positive aspect in heart of customer. Good companies surf a lot money on cards to attract community and keep hold on market.
Hopeful you will glad to visit our PSD business card 2015 article. If you find interesting this article then don’t forget to hit like and share this effort. 


 Beautiful Design

Free Business Cards

 Small Biz

Free Business Cards

Business Name

Free Business Cards

Mohamed Mounir

Free Business Cards

Free PSD Card

Free Business Cards

Colorful Card Idea

Free Business Cards

 Commonly Used Style

Free Business Cards

Beezz Electronics

Free Business Cards

Black Inc

Free Business Cards

Furniture Sample Card

Business Card Template


Business Card Template


Business Card Template

 Construction Company

Business Card Template

Gorgeous Style

Business Card Template

Thomas Wiks

Business Card Template

Mock Up

Business Card Template

Aqua Chocolate

Business Card Template

Yellow And Black

Business Card Template

Janathan Smith

Business Card Template

White  Minimal

Business Card Template

Adam Steele

Business Card Design

Cool Idea

Business Card Design

Unique Design Of Business Card

Business Card Design

iPro Consulting

Business Card Design

Join National

  Business Card Design

 Snap 2 Objects

Business Card Design

Pixel Art

Business Card Design

Play Cards

Business Card Design

 Graphic Designer Card

Business Card Design

Red & White Card

Business Card Design

Splat Design

Business Card Design

Transparent Card

Business Card Template

Creative Royalty Studio

Business Card Template


Business Card Template


Business Card Template

 37 Free And Classic Business Card Templates 2015

Business card is the way to express your business and your company internal view. You can express the core function of your business with the help of any business card in 2015. Mostly business cards bearing business information about any of the company and any of the individuals. You can share any of business card during formal introductions of your business with your customers or any of the other person who is coming to your business areas. Mostly business card includes the name of the owners or company name, telephone numbers fax numbers and e-mail addresses and website, it also include telex, bank account and also tax code. Most people love to have black and white business cards typically but there are many other kind of classic and attractive business cards of 2015 in the fast-moving world.

There is special material for the business to print. You can print business card at stock card having visual effects and other classic sets of beauty and attraction. The weight of the stock is 350 g/m .High quality and top-level business cards are printed on full color photographs using spot colors. A business card also coated with UV glossy coat. It also printed with a digital photo copiers which mostly uses toner fused onto the surface of the card.

They are many different type of the business cards of common persons and business persons.You can also get PSD files of the business cards which helps you in editing cars according to your choices and likeness.Some Photoshop users like to edit cards with some new style and company logo on it.Which also gives attractive and smart look for the customers and other person choices.

There are a lot of top premium and free business cards of 2015 for  you .You can edit them if they are in Photoshop PSD files which helps you in maintaining good results for your card.This is not an expensive task for your card because it is free of cost but you can also get best premium cards which are more good in the looks.These are 37 Free And Classic Photoshop Business Card Templates for your.You can download them and can use them and can edit them according to your requirements.

Unique Paper Business Card

business card,

Dragon New Year’s card

business card,

Christmas Holiday Card PSD Template

business card,

Industrial Business Card

business card,

 Black Designer Business Card

business card,

Blue Personal Business Cards 

business card,

Space-Themed Business Card in Photoshop

business card,

Brown retro business card, PSD template

business card,

Modern Business Card

business card,

Personal Business Card Design

business card examples

 Tech Photoshop Business Card

business card examples

Business card PSD template

business card examples

Cardboard And Torn Paper Business Card

business card examples

Login Form Business Card

business card examples

 Nail Salon Business Card Templates

business card examples

Free Cool Business Card

business card examples

Hot vintage business card

business card examples

Corporate Business Card

business card template

Psd Business Card Mock-Up

business card template

 Creative Business Card

business card template

 Business Card Mock-Up Vol 2

business card template

 Web Business Card Template

business card template

 Color Stripped Business Cards

business card template

Bokeh II Business Card

business card template

Carbon Business Card Template

business card template

Free Clean Business Card Design

business card template

Elegant Business Cards

photoshop business card template

Business Card PSD Template

photoshop business card template

Rounded Corner Business Card Design

photoshop business card template

Transparent Business Card Template

photoshop business card template

Smart Business Cards

photoshop business card template

Splatter Business Card Template

photoshop business card template

Rainbow Business Card Template

photoshop business card template

Real estate business card

photoshop business card template

Modern Red Business Card

photoshop business card template

Red Business Cards

photoshop business card template

Wavy Business Card

photoshop business card template

30+ New Tissue Textures 2015

Tissue is simply crepe paper that prepared from pulp of paper.Texture has vital role in visual look of website or blog.Textures are valuable component for designers and they love to save various stylish patterns that help them to make their work attractive and charming. Website arrow, navigation bar, button, icons etc left their impression on visitor. Competition of website designing is very high in current era and awesome for visitors because they will happy to watch unique designs of websites or blogs. Always remember don’t copy style of other website that is harmful for you and your website.

Wrinkle and fine tissue patterns 2015 are commonly used on websites. Wrinkle tissues are used when we are designing scrapbook. Fine pattern sheet are used in any website. You can design perfectly if you have experience and skills in adobe Photoshop. Tissue textures are so common in community and we see different stylish website. Before this paper patterns are use everywhere. Every designer is looking for HD resolution textures so here you can download any design free and apply where you want. Lot of people are attached to this profession and showing their talent and attracting audience. 

You will find out HD collection of free tissue textures 2015 and optimist you will find helpful our effort. If you like my this struggle don’t forget to provide us your feedback. If you like this article so hit like and share with others.

Grunge Texture

Free Tissue Textures

With Resolution

Free Tissue Textures

Decent Black Texture Of Tissue

Free Tissue Textures

Aqua Blue

Free Tissue Textures

Colorful Like Bokeh

Free Tissue Textures


Free Tissue Textures

Dave Walker Photography

Free Tissue Textures

Green Wrinkle

 Free Tissue Textures

Rough Texture For Scrapbooks 

Free Tissue Textures

Blue Tissue Textures

Free Tissue Textures

Light Brown

Free Tissue Textures

Canvas Pattern

Tissue patterns

Chalk Grunge 

Tissue patterns

Chaos and Wonder

Tissue patterns

Crinkled Striped

Tissue patterns

Faux Metallic Technique

Tissue patterns

Free Tissue Textures

Tissue patterns

Gold Idea

Tissue patterns

Cream Tissue Style

Tissue patterns

Glaze Over Texture

Tissue patterns

Blue Before Finishing 

Tissue patterns

White Paper

Tissue patterns

Seamless Parchment

Tissue Paper pattern

Nice Idea

Tissue Paper pattern

Fuxia Tissue

Tissue Paper pattern

Elegant Texture

Tissue Paper pattern

Abstract Design

Tissue Paper pattern

Under Microscope 

Tissue Paper pattern

White Rough Texture

Tissue Paper pattern

Common Pattern

Tissue Paper pattern

Floral Green

Tissue Paper pattern

Red Crumpled

Tissue Paper pattern


Tissue Paper pattern

Dots Style

Tissue Paper pattern

30 Free High-Quality PSD Files 2015 For Designers

Web and graphic designers are in the providential position of having a lot of high-quality free resources at their disposal. Over the past few years we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of design blogs and PSD galleries and forums. The huge number of blogs and websites in the industry and the massive audience of designers have led to a number of free give-away, valuable resources. Their goal is to provide designers and web enthusiasts with resources to make their job easier, to save their time and to help them getting inspire with great designs. There are icons, sliders, buttons, banners, website themes and many more free Photoshop files you can use in your next design project.

Every web designer loves to have high-quality icons for free. Well creating your own custom icons for your projects is also an option but it’s not really practical. There are plenty of quality icon sets available for purchase, but fortunately, there are also some free icon sets out there with professional quality. These free icons sets are some of the most useful and helpful resources because of the time they can save and because of the good impact they can have on your projects. The great part here is web designers and graphic designers are becoming more interested in sharing their ideas and works with the Internet, and this great attitude has given birth to several premium quality design freebies from all around the world.

Now designers can often easily get things like textures, Photoshop brushes, icons, vectors, buttons and even website templates for free. The difficult part can be finding the high-quality freebies and finding the right blogs to follow in order to know when new freebies are released.

To save your time, here we are sharing with you 30 different, free and high-quality PSD files for 2015 that you can use in your design projects. You can freely download these below PSD files 2015 without any charges and you can use them in your design projects. After a successfully and Powerful Image editing Photoshop CS6 launched, Graphic design resources have become more necessary among design community. Adobe Photoshop CS6 software helps you create spectacular images, videos, and art whether for print or for the web, or for mobile devices. The software does an amazing job for web designers, looking to create icons, illustrations, web layouts and basically any type of digital work.

Enjoy these premium high-quality PSD files of 2015!

PSD Files For Designers

Calendars PSD

 PSD Files For Designers

Coffee Cup PSD File

 PSD Files For Designers

DVD Plastic Case – PSD file

 PSD Files For Designers

Free Button Pack PSD file

PSD Files For Designers

iphone 3g PSD HD

PSD Files For Designers

openPhone icons PSD file

PSD Files For Designers

Free Button Pack PSD file

PSD Files For Designers

Twitter Icons .PSD

PSD Files For Designers

Under construction PSD file

PSD Files For Designers

Wall phone PSD

PSD Files For Designers

Angelswings 2 – PSD Stock

PSD Files For Designers


PSD Files For Designers

Cinema PSD

PSD Files For Designers

Demon Wings – PSD STOCK

PSD Files For Designers

Designers Icons PSD file

free psd files

Newspaper PSD

free psd files

Proxal Icon Set v2 PSD file

free psd filesLunch PSD file

free psd files

Retina Finder Window (PSD)

free psd files

Tags PSD

free psd files

Cameras icons – Free PSD

free psd files

Google Maps UI Controls (PSD)

free psd files

iMac PSD

free psd files

Knob PSD

free psd files

Music Widget PSD

free psd files

Pin Pictures PSD file

free psd files

Retro clock PSD

free psd files

Transparent UI Kit

psd buttons

Books Icon PSD

psd book icon

Growl Notification Style PSD

psd layout

Top 25 New Fonts 2015 for Free

Font is the quality of sorts composing a complete characters set.The complete set of numbers from 0 to 9 are use in fonts.There are many types of font .computer fonts that are famous for their own style and that are different from the other fonts.Car fonts,Games font,Shadow font,stylish fonts and many other fonts that attract the world towards themselves.

The weight of the font should matter a lot font should be of that type that easily understandable and attractive that gives its best to the modern world fonts come in many sizes.Due to the different sizes of the fonts the selection of good font is know become very difficult task.For the good font its best for you to use ideal size that should not be very big or large and that should easily readable and gives you the attractive view.

In this post i have collected some of the most attractive and simple fonts of 2015 which are commonly used now a days.I hope you will enjoy the post and don’t forget to comment in the end.Thanks.

Chopin Script

new fonts  Channelnew fonts

 Shit Happensnew fonts  Freebooter Script

new fonts  Jane Austennew fonts  Ex-mouthnew fonts

Gabrielle new fonts  Adorablenew fonts  Many Weatznew fonts  Arabellanew fonts  Selfishnew fonts  Def tone Stylus

new fonts

Knights Templar 

new fonts  Wedding Nightmares

new fonts  Sweet Lady

new fonts  Radagund

new fonts  Dear Joe

new fonts


new fonts  LaPointe’s Road

new fonts  Mia-manew fonts

Adine Kirnberg Font

new fonts  Angel Tears Font

new fonts  Ballpark Weiner


new fonts  Black Jack Font

new fonts  The King & Queen

new fonts

 Saginow Font

new fonts

30+ High-Quality Free Web Buttons 2015

Website buttons are created for two main reasons. One, in order to save precious time and the other one is to create something creative, unique and better for your website. Web buttons 2015 or button graphics are pictures in World Wide Web pages which are typically used to advertise programs that were used to create or host the site or to link to other pages. We often take these buttons in a website for granted but the fact is without these buttons we can really move forward in a site. Creative designers know the proper use of these buttons in a website, which ensures an attractive and informative website with some useful buttons for the viewers.

There are plenty of buttons that are used in the websites to take people from one page or link to another or to help the viewers in downloading or uploading. Utilizing the web button is a great idea because it saves or time and also offers us a plenty of variety and choices. There are 3D web buttons, 3D green buttons, download and upload buttons, Social profile sign in buttons, call to action buttons and many more too. In the project of a website designing and development all these buttons have their own significance and requirement. Buttons like “purchase now” or “save to cart” or “sign in” make us able to avail some sort of services as well. So these buttons have great roles in the design of a website.

These buttons helps us by indicating us where we are exactly going in the page as well as assisting us in choosing the right action. Sometimes, we feel very attracted by the design of the buttons and this appeal leads us to click on it. In that way the website gets an increased rate of traffic and visitors. There are huge numbers of PSD web buttons that can be utilized in making a website.

We’ve collected 30 free high quality web buttons of 2015 for you, download them and freely use them in your project. These colorful and exclusive buttons will definitely make your project attractive and would attract more visitors.

Plastic Web Buttons


Social Sign in Web Buttons

Social Sign in buttons

Multi-Color Web Button

Multi-color button

Late Night  Web Buttons

Late Night Buttons

Button Bundle

Button bundle

Web Buttons

web buttons

Simple Download Web Button

Simple download button

idevice Download Buttons

idevice download buttons

Chunky 3D Web Button

chunky 3D

Big Download Web Button


Big Green Web Button

Big Green Button

Circular Power Web Buttons

Circular Power Buttons

Minty Fresh Web Buttons

Minty Fresh Web Buttons

Power Web Button

Power button

Tick Cross Web Buttons

Tick Cross Buttons

Classy Social Media Buttons

Classy social media buttons

Form Message Buttons

Form Message Buttons

Red Download Button

Red Download Button

Call to Action Buttons

Call to action buttons

Semi Transparent Buttons

semi-transparent buttons

Rounded Social Web Buttons

Rounded Social Buttons

Dark Web Button

Dark Button

Accept and Deny Web Buttons

Accept and Deny Buttons

Social Web Buttons

Social Web Buttons Psd

Simple Little Arrows Web Button

Simple Little Arrows

Priceless PayPal Web Buttons

Priceless PayPal Buttons

Fun Web Buttons

Fun Web Buttons

Beautiful Web Buttons

Beautiful Buttons

3d Plastic Web Button

3d plastic Button

Wooden Style Web Buttons

Wooden Style Buttons

40 Stunning Fonts For Web and Print Designs 2015

Font is a very important part of print and web design. The importance of choosing the right typeface for design should not be underestimated. Text in design is something that is very significant for graphic and web designers; a right type of typeface will convey the right tone and effect of the  design whereas a wrong type of font will totally ruin the idea of design.

Fonts are the building blocks of typography and typography is indeed the building block of the design. There is a field known as ‘Graphology’ that is based on the belief that our handwriting gives a lot about our persona and character, likewise in this digital world it’s quite safe to say that fonts depict a lot about the design’s mood and message.

Fonts are very useful for designers. They are different from platform to platform, If you are more a graphic designer then you have all the choice to choose fonts from, the only limitation there exists for you is to use high-quality fonts of 2015 whereas if you are more into web designing then you have web safe fonts to use. It’s a known fact that web safe fonts have become a pretty boring palette, but now with new web technologies you can insert any font you want in a website to give it a more interesting style.

Every designer and every viewer likes neat and professional-looking work and the correctly chosen fonts of 2015 can help you to make your design look more attractive and striking.
The choice of font is so important; picking the right one can make all the difference in readability, mood and message of design. More than anything else, fonts are capable of conveying particular moods such as happy and fun, or formal and somber etc. As a designer you must know that you simply cannot use Comic Sans when attempting to convey some serious message through your design. Comic Sans in such situation would be absolute nightmare. Equally, presenting kids’ joke in a formal font such as Times New Roman will take away its intended impact. Use right font to convey right intended tone, that’s it all about!

Yes, sometimes it becomes so tough to choose from so many different types of fonts 2015 but it’s easy to narrow down the choices if you know the differences between different types of fonts, designers with knowledge of font type classification consider this task pretty easy. One should understand that in this digital age, fonts have advanced to a whole new level. There are so different fonts with different weight, size, and style available on the internet. Some you can get at a price, but many are free to download too.

Today, we have collected some amazing, high-quality professional fonts for you. Enjoy downloading these fonts!

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to read the author’s notes and the license of each font before using them in your designs.

1- Sansation Typeface


2- Walkway Typeface

Walkway Typeface

3- ST Ryde

ST Ryde

4- Code Pro


5- Absinthe


6- Accenta 


7- Fanwood


8- Five Minutes

free minutes

9- Hero Font

Hero Font

10- Matilde


11- Morning Glory

Morning Glory

11- The Lobster FontThe lobster Font

12- Carton


13- Comfortaa

14- Chunk


15- Groudy Bookletter

16- FR Hopper

17- Jura

18- Just Old fashion

19- The Kabel Font

20- MOD

21- Scripinta

22- Serifiqo

23- Mr Jones

24- Acorn

25- Caviar Dreams

26- Day Dream

27- Drop Type

28- Elegante

29- Lucrezia

30- Metropolis

31- Pilaca

32- Sorts Mill Goudy

33- Valencia

34- Valentina

35- Vegur 

36- BlackOut

37- Cuprum

38- Stitching Font

39- Junction

40- Raleway

8 Awesome Free Tattoo Fonts 2015

After the great appreciation of visitors, we are very happy to announce our new freebies category at Under this category, we will share free resources for our readers including free fonts, free icon sets, backgrounds, templates and many more stuff for free.

I remember when I got my first tattoo, I was very confused about what font to select and which will suit me to look best. I had very few options to select from. There I planned to post an articles on continuous basis to collect beautiful and in fashion tattoo fonts that will help people select theirs in more convenient way. Below are some clean tattoo fonts 2015 which definitely help new tattoo lovers.

Don’t forget to give your feedback about our new category and this article. Also be prepared for coming surprises, we are soon starting an awesome giveaway as well. Stay tuned!

1- Shit Happens by 

shit happens - tattoo fonts

2- Feathergraphy Decoration by 

feathergraphy - tattoo fonts

3- Bleeding Cowboys by 

bleeding cowboys - tattoo fonts

4- Tattoo Heavy by Rob Verhelst

tattoo heavy - tattoo fonts

5- VTC Bad Tattoo Hand One by Vigilante Typeface Corporation

vtc bad tattoo hand one - tattoo fonts

6- Jacked Eleven Highlight by 

jacked eleven highlight - tattoo fonts

7- Tribal by 

tribal - tattoo fonts

8- Sword Thrasher by TattooWoo

sword thrasher - tattoo fonts


35 Best Tattoo Fonts of 2015

Marking tattoo with awesome tattoo fonts on body is a common practice these days. Everybody is interested to mark it on body. For this purpose there is a huge collection of fonts available on internet. Several are absolutely free and some are usable after purchase. Artist has a different collection of tattoo fonts. Everyone has different picking so that’s why we observe dissimilar fonts among the designers. Fonts have the vital role in attractiveness of tattoo because the whole thing is superior but not good selection of font make it worst. Bookmark websites that offer cool tattoo fonts for free and printout. After it you can done your job with ease.

Tattoo is a permanent mark or representation that is created on body by insertion of ink into person’s skin.  It is ancient art and generally natives mark their gang, band or group symbol on body with some beautiful tattoo fonts. You can mark tattoo by visiting any tattoo parlors. In the past, it was done manually but nowadays electric appliances are available that help us to finish work in few minutes. Person face lot of ache in marking tattoo and it’s different for each part. It is also a type of body modification. In New Zealand Face tattoo is also introduced that’s are so painful and makes a person scary.

If you’re looking for tattoo fonts 2015 then you’re on the right place. We’ll present 30 Cool Tattoo fonts of 2015 and would be waiting your feedback that express you interest in article.

Bira Personal

Tattoo Fonts

 Los Angeles Font

Tattoo Fonts


Tattoo Fonts

 Head Case Font

Tattoo Fonts


Tattoo Fonts

 Silent Reaction

Tattoo Fonts

Something Strange

Tattoo Fonts

Various Fonts For Tattoos

Tattoo Fonts

Anglo Text

  Free Tattoo Fonts

Barbed Ink

Free Tattoo Fonts

Different Fonts

Free Tattoo Fonts

Cursive Fonts For Girls

  Cursive Tattoo Fonts  

Blood Thirsty

Free Tattoo Fonts

The Dreamer

Free Tattoo Fonts

Cool Font

  Tattoo Script Fonts

Designs For Make Tattoo Attractive

      Tattoo Script Fonts  

Floral Designs

Tattoo Script Fonts

NF Regular

Tattoo Script Fonts  

Freebooter Script Regular

Tattoo Script Fonts  

Heidorn Hill Font

Tattoo Script Fonts  

Walt Disney Script

Tattoo Fonts Generator

Ladylike BB

  Tattoo Fonts Generator  


Tattoo Fonts Generator

Sing It Sad & Sweet

   Tattoo Fonts Generator  

Sailor Font

Tattoo Fonts Generator  

True Man Tattoos

Tattoo Fonts Generator  

Unchanged Thoughts

Tattoo Fonts Generator

Vladtepes II

  Tattoo Fonts Generator


      Tattoo Fonts Generator

 25 Games Icons Free Download

Game is the part of entertainment and we can think more deeply as normal. Because it gives us the way to think, way to achieve destination point, way of thinking and to keep our moving up. Some time it might be give us a bad impact due to any reasons. Game are many types as everyone knows, from all those games today which I’m talking about is computer games. We can spend our free time on computer to play games and it entertains us very much.

Some of reader might be love with computer games and spent their hours to win the stages as well. Here I today give you icons of some famous games. Icon which I am going to disclose against all of you collected from some top rated games. We promise you will love with icon if you love with games. We can hear you through your feedback, you can give your beautiful comments and if you like my given collection then you have to share these icons to your friends as well through facebook, twitter, google plus, and some other I give under the post.

 45 Creative Business Logo Designs 2015

Business logo design should be unique and creative. A logo is the symbol that every company adopt for the  identification of their work nature/brand or product type and it always represent the company or an organization from domestic to internationally. It always all right reserved by the registered companies.

There are the different types of logo types which are mainly used by the companies as a business logo design, either it should be full 3D or in 2D  graphical shape or it should be mixed with alphabets.  Different Text effect also useful for unique logos which reflect the creativity of the designer. The slogan with the logo type is the important part which reflect the nature of business, brand or product. It is very Important that logo must be original and unique, it must not be typecast. Before starting any business either it’s small or big, its product or brand, before you start you have to elect a logo. It is noteworthy and represent/illustrate the business. You can consider using any tool which make a first good impression on client.

Mainly Companies design the logos by their demands to described the nature of the business. It either can be the manipulated text with drawings or it’s the zigzag text. Every Logo always stand different from the other one to avoid copyright issues. The Simple Logo with perfect color matching attract and look unique.

What a business logo design should contain?

In the 2nd century a logo must contain:

  •  Attractive design with unique wording
  • Good color combination
  • 3D or 2D effects with text manipulation
  • Best slogan for business nature and type
  • Not much graphical and complicated design

From the very first day to start a business or launching new product each company need a specific logo. The importance of the logo you can imagine that on the letter head , on the visiting cards, on company greetings the logo must have to be printed.  In such way simple and less cost logo are widely in use now a days. More colorful and more detail containing logo are difficult to reproduce. Logo widely used on advertising material. A special font and unique layout can make a logo wonderful and the concept of selecting the right logo is complicated as selecting the name of an organization. There should be many thing to be considered while selecting the logo type and logo design.

Designers key points for designing business logo design

For a logo designer the very first thing which come in mind is its letter styles and font stuff. After that the selection of the fonts and its placement comes. And finally the idea behind the logo sketched and refined, engaging letters which logo elements make it more easier to setting up the letters on different positions and stunning layout and outstanding typography is the main idea behind a good-looking and creative business logo design.

Simply a logo with less color patterns and innovative layout make it eye-catching. The key of successful business can be perfect logo design and a logo designer always take care about two thing, first is the color patterns and the second is to not use heavy decoration. Nowadays for a successful start of any business always depend on perfect logo. Below are 45 creative business logo designs that businesses are using for your inspiration and to get the idea of how a professional business logo design looks like.

Discount Tools

business logo design (1)

Yearly Sales Watch Logo

business logo design (2)

Cinema Cafe

business logo design (3)

iGadget – All that you want

business logo design (4)

Scanning Company Logo

business logo design (5)

Cook Finder

business logo design (6)

Ecko Media

business logo design (7)

Peacock Painting

business logo design (8)

Office Games 2010

business logo design (9)

Creative Page Fold

business logo design (10)


business logo design (11)


business logo design (12)


business logo design (13)


business logo design (14)


business logo design (15)

MooFish Cafe

business logo design (16)

Idea image concept abstraction

business logo design (17)


business logo design (18)

House Cleaner

business logo design (19)

Dragon – The art factory

business logo design (20)

Golden Carp

business logo design (21)

Fish Food

business logo design (22)

Logo Milk

business logo design (23)


business logo design (24)


business logo design (25)

Revolver City Security

business logo design (26)

Rough House

business logo design (27)

CupCake Time

business logo design (28)


business logo design (29)

Discovery Finance

business logo design (30)


business logo design (31)


business logo design (32)

Bent Pencil

business logo design (33)


business logo design (34)


business logo design (35)

Eat & More

business logo design (36)

Little Angels

business logo design (37)


business logo design (38)

Illusion Studio

business logo design (39)

Art Film

business logo design (40)

Smart Snake

business logo design (41)

Helping Hands for Pets

business logo design (42)

Center for Pediatrics

business logo design (43)

X- Cube

business logo design (44)


business logo design (45)

5 Free Tools To Create Your Own Infographics

Information is always useful but can always be represented in an attractive way. In this age of information overload, any assistance through the clutter is welcomed as a relief. That’s one reason for the rising popularity of information graphics. Infographics are quite famous around the web for their ability to display information in a truly artistic manner. This makes it a universal language for it can tell a story even with one look at the visual representations. The use of graphics gives an added beauty to the entire information. It is even made more significant with the use of valuable data that will be delivered to the public.

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education.

Infographic is one of the most challenging types of graphic design because the creation process alone is pretty thorough and exhaustive. Data researching is a very time taking procedure of getting information that takes both your time as well as dedication for obtaining resourceful and accurate data. After that, the graphic designer must be able to create a strong, attractive visual impact that depicts the information in way that is rational and that also goes with the overall design.

There are also numerous tools to create very specific types of visualizations. Today we’re sharing with you the 5 free tools to create your own infographics.

Tools To Create Your Own Infographics


With Piktochart, you get to create an innovative Infographic using a combination of different types of visualizations: themes, icons, vectors, images and chart exporter. Drag-and-drop and click your way through color schemes, shapes and fonts, then export the materials as static or html to easily embed it for the use at your website or project.

Piktochart is a simple yet the most exciting way to create static and interactive infographics. Import raw data to, and the site’s online tool will help you turn that data into a nice looking chart or full-blown infographic in few minutes.


Photo Stats

Photo Stats is an iPhone app that analyses the photos you take on your iPhone. The app generates cool and stylish infographics that shows how, when and where you take your photos from. You get to easily visualize your photo-taking habits and share it with friends and family.



Dipity is a free digital timeline website. Their mission is to organize the web’s content by date and time. Users can create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.

Dipity allows users to create free timelines online. Digital timelines are a great way to increase traffic and user engagement on your website. It is one of the fastest and easiest way to bring history to life with stunning multimedia timelines


Tableau Public

A free application for the Windows computer that brings data to life. You can create and share interactive charts and graphs, stunning maps, live dashboards and fun applications in minutes. Anyone can do it, it’s that easy.

Tableau Public

 30+ Eye Catching Flyer Designs

Flyer design is identified as pamphlet or brochure that is used for promotion of business, brand club, school, music concert, etc. It is distributed in public places or stick it on wall to gain public attention. It is old technique of advertisement because nowadays all mechanism is done by computer. Email takes position of flyer. It was printed black and white in the past, but now most advanced techniques are available.

Flyer is printed on special papers and limitless designs are offered on internet for it. Design of flyer is must be eye-catching and attractive. Design is compulsory for gaining favor of people. Flyer can be printed on various paper sizes. Generally A4 rough paper and card A6 postcard size is used. Firework is special software for designing flyers but that is difficult to use. It consist on single page and can also be used to any discount offer or invitation for party etc.

Designing flyer is easy for experienced and the person who has skills in this designing software. I am confident you will happy to check collection that contains colorful and HD pictures. Here you will find out flyer designs that inspire you. If you interested in this collection then don’t forget to share.

Valentines Meet At Retina Cafe

Flyer Design

Randall Flag

Flyer Design

From The Past Decade

Flyer Design

Philippe Design Of Flyer

Flyer Design

Party  Night To Enjoy

Flyer Design

Winter Opening Party

Flyer Design

The Criminals

Flyer Design

Legends+Hip Hop

Flyer Design

Abstract Design

Flyer Templates

Flyer Design

Flyer Templates

Dead Disco Keeps You Alive!!

Flyer Templates

Fusion Friday

Flyer Templates


Flyer Templates

Colorful Flyer

Flyer Templates

Fight Global Warming

Flyer Templates

Connection Fluid

Flyer Templates

Color graphics Night

Flyer Templates

Splash Summer Party

Flyer Design Inspiration


Flyer Design Inspiration

Creative Flyer

Flyer Design Inspiration

Back To School

Flyer Design Inspiration

Champion Sound Of Drum&Bass

Flyer Design Inspiration

Spectrum Vs Kaboom

Flyer Design Inspiration

Sound Wavez

Flyer Design Inspiration

Busk Ruit

Flyer Design Inspiration

Dirty phonics Live

Flyer Design Inspiration


Sample Flyer


Sample Flyer

Anime USA

Sample Flyer

Adobe User Group

Sample Flyer

Balance Festival

Sample Flyer

The Sect

Sample Flyer

A Jazz Minute

Sample Flyer

Creative Style Of Flyer

Flyer Designs

Art Show

Flyer Designs

Black Out

Flyer Designs

Digital Painting

Flyer Designs


Flyer Designs


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