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10 Facebook Timeline Tips That You Must Know

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Welcome back in Ghank article menu, I really apology for late posting in Ghank, because I was busy in some other projects. Now I just finish them and come back to give you some latest article. And thank you for all those who like my previous posts, we appreciate all of you as well.

Viewers, today we brings very cute article for you to make your Facebook very strong in sense of privacy policy, or in sense of your effective Facebook Timeline. Here we give you some important tips about your Facebook Timeline which you must know to show your public profile effective. Like you can make all changes of you status, tags, friends, emails, contacts, and many more.

We promise you love with this article and we have some related article which you might be interested.

1-Upcoming Birthday

To say your friends happy birthday and also to remember there birthday Facebook is too great in remembering birthday. by going given Facebook link you can check your friends birthdays.

 2-Hide like form your time line

To Hide your likes form facebook timeline, mean to say before lunching your time line, you need to go in Favourites scroll down and adjust your audience.

3- Facebook Account Security

Facebook accounts very much important you need to secure your account just go to Account Setting according to your policy you can set it.

4-Security Information

Like contact email, mobile, and security question you can set your security information her.


You can now less or add your friend list in Acquaintances, you can configure it here given link.

6-Find Your Friends Subscription

Get suggested subscription from your friends based on the people they subscribe to.

7-Remove all Imported Contacts

If you allow to import your contacts form email to find your friends for facebook and if you wants to remove it, then your can do’t here.

8-Disable Tags and Suggestion

Here we give link for disable tags and suggestion by friends.

9-Manage Tagged Items

Here you can set your Privacy Policy for tags before they live on your facebook time line. The given picture show you options to do what you want.



Downloads your personal information/data which you do upload on your facebook and enhance archive. Go Account Setting and Download your personal data.

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