40+ Breathtaking Beautiful Pictures

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You may find the topic little strange as normally most blogger post on nature wallpapers, bike wallpapers, or some animal photography but on a specific category of picture. The above topic beautiful pictures seems little different as covering very large category. You’re right it seems covering a large topic but the only difference is that they all are my collection and the pictures that I used to love a lot. Not only these 40 but this kind of.

Action speaks louder than words and in artical writing there’s a remix of this quotation that images speak louder than just words. In fact the amazing thing about images is that when you want to illustrate something to public or want to express that words can’t explain well than images and pictures are one of the thing that can aid your talks and helps you make other understand well more expressly.

Long back when I firstly bought my computer in about 2004, I was very fond of having beautiful pictures as my desktop background. I keep on searching for CDs to copy as many nature and car or bike wallpapers to my 2 GB hard drive. Don’t matter they are from cars category or a nature captured picture. I used to stuff my background and webshots software was a great aid to my hobby. I loved all that stuff since long.

Because of all that my passion, I have collected a breath-taking nice collection of beautiful pictures that have various type in them. Most of them are about nature and birds while some are just nice captured pictures having focusing or de-focusing effect. One can stuff his computer or a laptop background with these beautiful pictures. Cheers up!

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  1. fidan July 31, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    gozelleri var

    • Amber July 31, 2012 at 11:05 pm

      Yeah They’re cool


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